My name is Jenny and I'm originally from Derby, but moved to live in North Manchester 9 years ago. My partner is originally from Mull. We're a blended family and between us we've had 7 children, who have all grown up together.

In July 2013 my partner developed, and mostly recovered from, Meningitis. He still has memory problems, hearing loss and some pain in his limbs. Just over a year later on August 15th 2014 we lost our family's eldest girl, Elspeth, to suicide. Each month I post the smiles that are the proof and the reminder that we can carry on, and the reason why we keep going.

I started blogging many, many years ago and was coerced into returning in a much more public manner by my partner, who felt it was time I should find a wider audience to put up with me. The Brick Castle is mainly about our lives and the things we get up to, with honest reviews, giveaways, and a moan every now and again.

I work with brands to share information, reviews and giveaways that I feel will be relevant to my readers. I work hard to keep my blog running and spend a lot of my time, including during evenings and weekends, staring at screens. If I accept payment for that time spent then I will always tell my readers, and I will never endorse anything my family would never use. I write my own material and if you see something written by someone else, they've generally had to pay me to put it on my blog.

We work regularly with LEGO, Drumond Park, Boolino Children's Books, University Games, HASBRO, Lionsgate Home Entertainment, Esdevium Games, Studiocanal, Warner Brothers and a few other lovely companies.

We love LEGO, Superheroes, Lemon Drizzle Cake and VW campervans, and we don't like chicken pox, nits or Marmite (well, I don't like it anyway, except in baking when you can't really taste it).

*Our young people are aged 16+ except for the 2 youngest, who have the following birthdays 09/08 and 03/10

Contact Me

If you wish to contact me for any reason then you can email me at thebrickcastle@gmail.com.

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I am PR Friendly (I'm usually friendly to most people), and I accept paid posts, review items and giveaways for things I like, things my family would or do use. I always disclose as per UK Law, and don't work with gambling or floaty loans. Some of the people I do work regularly with are below...

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  1. I'm new to blogging, and trying to see what's hanging in the world wide Web and I'm loving your blog!

    1. Thank you Helen! That's a really lovely comment :)

  2. Only just realised today that you are blogging Jenny. Going to start reading your back catalogue. Just read an awesome post.

    1. Thanks Tony! That's a lovely comment. I don't keep it a secret, I have no idea how you missed that! :D

  3. Love the idea of sharing smiles for elspeth, I went to NCS with her and I hope you wouldn't mind if I used your idea xx great blog by the way <3

    1. Hiya Leanne - Thank you for your comments, it means absolutely masses. You go ahead! Collecting my smiles helps me so much, I think it would be unfair to do anything other than encourage people to join in :) Please tag me at least occasionally, so I can enjoy them too. Best of luck in wherever life takes you this year, and thank you, truly, for taking the time to comment xx


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