Wednesday 16 January 2013

Orchard Toys Reviews ~ Part II

Because we love Orchard Toys games it's no surprise that we asked Santa to bring some for Christmas.

We took advantage of the free postage for orders over £15 and ordered Where's My Cupcake? and What A Performance, which had both come highly recommended at Playfest on Twitter and Facebook. Where's My Cupcake was mainly for boy no.4, who is 3 in March, and What A Performance was for the whole family to play together. As with all Orchard Toys games and puzzles they are designed and manufactured in the UK from strong 100% recycled board. They have really bright colours, modern pictures and chunky pieces that don't bend or come apart during even quite boisterous play. They are built to be played with, and built to last.

Where's My Cupcake? ~ Age 3-7

Where's My Cupcake retails at £7.50. It is suitable for 2-4 players, and the suggested age range is 3-7. It teaches turn-taking, matching and observation skills, and encourages conversation and politeness due to the quirky and cute "would you like a cupcake?" when you pick up a card that matches another player's top card!

My 2 year old loves this game. He understands entirely how to play and is delighted whenever he gets a matching pair of cards. The way the game is played you match cards to any of 10 cards that are first placed on the table, and also to whatever your current top card is on your plate. This means that the numbers of pairs are far higher than 'snap' and the child gets a greater sense of ongoing reward. When the card you pick matches one of the other players top cards then you 'gift' them the card to add to their pile.

It's really a very sweet game, which although competitive is also co-operative and friendly. It is very quick and simple to play, making it ideal for children who are just learning to play board games. The cakes are all beautifully drawn and really appetising, with different toppings and icing, so it's fantastic for teaching and reinforcing colours and shapes without even trying.

What A Performance ~ Age 5-12

What A Performance retails at £15.95. It is suitable for 2-6 players, and the suggested age range is 5-12. It helps with maths, communication and social skills, encouraging active participation and extrovert behaviour within the group.

We played in pairs with under 5's and over 12's together, and everyone had a great time. It is very competitive but because everyone has to take part in forfeits and daft actions it's also hilarious. You travel around a board using a dice and landing on squares that mean you have to choose a card and perform the sound, action or task shown. If you fail you have to perform the forfeit. Our older children really got into the spirit of this game and the younger children loved that interaction with their siblings. I have to say I really enjoyed it too, watching Daddy and our 2 year old have to sit on their hands until their next turn was brilliant.

I bought this game on recommendation and hoping that it would be okay even though my children straddle the age group, and I was not disappointed. It is one of the most expensive games that Orchard Toys sell, but it's easy to see why. We will make many great memories playing this together as a family, and possibly even in the evenings when the children have gone to bed!

Orchard Toys are available direct from Orchard Toys, or if you prefer to shop offline you can find your nearest stockist on their website


  1. Brilliant review, many thanks so glad you all liked the games. What a Performance! is my favourite game and, as you say, it's a great game for grown ups to play when the children have gone to bed, especially if you've had a couple of glasses of wine!

    1. Indeed, I think the wine adds another dimension - and actually increases the competitiveness! :D


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