Monday 25 February 2013

No sleep til.......they're how old?

I've been up since 4am this morning. 4am. I've been thinking about making a start on tea since just before 7am.

I don't have a baby.
I wasn't woken by a 2 year old running past en route to the loo.
My 4 year old did not have a nightmare about caterpillars eating everything.
The house alarm across the road finally ran out of power around 4pm Saturday
I am NOT a compulsive cleaner.
I wasn't even going on holiday!

4am is a time reserved for sleeping, but instead I was woken by a child. Not a small child, but a fully grown hairy male child of 19. He and his friend had decided 4am is the correct time to go in search of a Babybel. A Babybel? What??
I'm not sure why they needed to put music on so loud and open every drawer in the house to do this task, or why it required 2 of them to wait until 4am to do it, but it seems perfectly reasonable to them even this morning, when not under the influence of some cocktail with a name that means 'copulate in a crazy place and unusual fashion'. Of course, how stupid of me, had I known I'd have put the Babybels somewhere more obvious.......not. I'd have gone in there at 10pm and eaten the whole lot in front of them and left the empty bag on the table.

He was always the worst sleeper of any of mine, when he was 3 years old I'd go to bed and a little voice from his room would say 'please put the hall light back on', and then he'd be up at 5.30am - every single day until he was 14. He needs more sleep than that now though, which is why I'll be getting my revenge by waking him at 7am every morning for the next month...


  1. Oh no! I assume boy 1's name is mud around your house today then? It's amazing the power of alcohol fuelled 'it seemed like a good idea at the time' escapades. Did he wake anyone else? What time did you get him up today?

    1. They woke all 3 other boys up (despite being on a different floor) however the girls and my other half slept through the lot!
      I got them up at 11am and said I hoped they enjoyed their lie in *snigger*, but I'd already sat in his room with the 2 of them and done the whole overly long and tedious 'Mum speech' for 25 minutes at 7.30am.

      I've also banned him from having any friends round until a week on Friday. Today I am 'Meanie Mum' muhahaha :D

  2. This really did make me laugh. Maxi is an early riser, always has been. I am planning my revenge for when he is a teen!

    1. It has to be done. Every time I go in there and pull open his curtains I smile just a little more than is necessary :D

  3. Ha ha that's brilliant! And there was me thinking that my sleepless nights would end when my two were past pre-school age. I've got a lot to learn!

  4. Thank you! I hear some people have them trained....I'm hoping for stricter results with the next one!


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