Saturday 13 April 2013

Little Tiger Press Books ~ Dr Duck and Mouse And The Moon

Every now and again the Little Tiger Press send me some books to have a look at with my two little men, and a few days ago we received two fantastic books from them....

 Dr Duck by Steve Small and Hannah George

This is a really cheeky story, that appeals to the horrible in my little boys. It has trumps and snot and a porcupine who sneezes their prickles off. It made my lads laugh and cringe and had exactly the desired effect!

The style of drawing reminds me of books I had as a child in the 70's, it's quaint, with Dr Duck wearing goggles when riding his bike and sidecar for example. The story is in rhyme, which will help children to learn rhythm and anticipate the next lines and words. My boys really liked it and I give it a 4/5.

 Mouse And The Moon by M Christina Butler and Tina Macnaughton

This book is really beautiful, it's fantastic to look at, with gorgeous soft-edged drawings and glitter throughout. The moon is always shiny and glittery, and my 3 year old especially loved touching it and feeling the texture.

The story is very simple and appeals to very young children. It tells of a group of forest animals searching for the moon during a storm. I have to practice my thunder and lightening sound effects - I was rubbish! Both boys really like this book, it is an excellent book for bedtime, we give it 4/5.

Little Tiger Press books are available countrywide, including online from Amazon.

Obviously I was sent these books for review, but the opinions are our own.


  1. They look like lovely books. I love old style books that remind me of my childhood too :)

    1. They both are really nice. Nostalgia is a great thing :D

  2. looks good! especially like the look of mouse and the moon beautiful pictures :)

    1. It is so beautiful. I was sat earlier looking at it while boy no.4 stroked the glittery pictures...we're easily pleased :D

  3. we love the dr duck! they are brilliant!


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