Friday 3 May 2013

Cheeky Harry Loves.....

Cheeky Harry the first release in a series of products planned for Cheeky Harry and Friends. 

It is a really sturdy 10 page board book which is beautifully made and very robust - it'll survive a good amount of use (and misuse) by a toddler.

Harry himself is a very attractive and friendly lion, and the story is of him and his favourite things, which of course includes his friends. The story is in rhyme and is simple enough for a very young child to grasp, but introduces some more tricky words. The pictures are full and interesting. 

My boys are 3 and 4, and they enjoyed the story and have asked for it at bedtime at least 3 nights in a row, but I do think for them the appeal may be limited as it is very simplistic. This is a nice book for a child of 12-24 months as it is colourful and introduces some basic words and concepts including animal names, dancing and swimming and 'night and day'. I think if the proposed range of products are released then this could become a very popular character with youngsters as it translates very well into a soft toy or a range of other products.

We give this book a 4/5


  1. I used it for my son to practice his reading as it is simple to read. I do agreed it is for young children.

  2. I find this a great read for the younger ones. x


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