Friday 10 May 2013

'It's Your Story' Book Reviews ~ The Perfect Father's Day Gift

Father's Day can be a tricky thing to buy a gift for and I always welcome new ideas, so I was really pleased when It's Your Story asked me to review a book for them with Daddy as the main character.

I was even more delighted when I then won an online competition to choose any other medium book from the range as it allowed me to choose books on behalf of both my two little boys!

Adult and Child Zoo Adventure

Daddy is very much the star of this book, and I was asked to supply a photo and some details about Daddy and the child, including Daddy's age and favourite food. I chose this shot because Daddy is looking straight to camera, and tiny, tiny bit crazy....

A personal message from the sender to the child or Daddy is printed at the front of the book and their face is included 13 times in the illustrations. Their name features 26 times in the book and the child's name 19 times.

Daddy's photo even appears on the front cover. 

In the adventure Daddy and the child take a tour of the zoo, and Daddy interacts with lots of different animals, including our favourite - monkeys!

The inside cover of the last page shows lots of different 'Daddy' and Zoo facts. There are also a few facts about Daddy and the child throughout the text in the book itself.

 The Dressing Up Box

For this book I ordered online using a code, and I was stunned how quick it was. The whole ordering process was over in less than 3 minutes. I knew I'd have to supply a photo, and I chose this big smiley one.


In this book the child goes into the loft and finds a dressing up box, he then tries on everything, imagining all the things he can be when he grows up.

The child's name is included seven times in the story, their face appears 12 times and you can include a personal message to the child.  

Again, your photo and name are even on the front cover

We can be pirates! Arrrrgh....

And we can fly into space and be astronauts....

This book is written in simple rhyme, and is very easy for even a very young child to understand.

Both books are really well made, the quality is lovely and the glossy covers make them genuinely 'real' books. The illustrations are modern and attractive, and the text is not condescending, but is totally accessible for a small child. The photo's are in exactly the right place and the heads the perfect size. Daddy hasn't yet seen his book, but we all think it's great. Zeke adores his book, he finds it hilarious that he is in the pictures and has read it more times than I can begin to count.

I really couldn't be more impressed and at around £12.50 for a small (A5) book, £17.50 for a medium and £19.99 for a large (A4) book, I think they make a really lovely gift, and a treasured keepsake. The personalised messages at the beginning of each book are a lovely touch that make it even more special to give as a gift.

I shall definitely be returning to their website before very long....


  1. Hee hee, those books are all kinds of brilliant! I love the photos you chose.

    1. I do think the photo's are excellent, they work so well and the books are really lovely :D


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