Sunday 25 May 2014

Sing My Name Personalised Children's Gifts

Sing My Name are a company that have been around since 2003, so I'm stunned I haven't heard of them before. They sell several different products personalised with your child's name - in song!

Recommended for children aged from birth to around 6 years, Sing My Name have literally thousands of names to choose from, and even though both of my younger children have names that are traditional but not common, they were both included on the list.

Sing My Name Personalised Children's gifts review

We were sent a personalised alarm clock and a personalised CD. I was a bit unsure as to just how cheesy this was going to be, but it's actually really well done. The songs are fun and well sung, and not grating like some children's music.

Sing My Name personalised children's racing car alarm clock

The Sing My Name Personalised Alarm Clock is a traditional looking clock with bells and handle, available in 6 different designs. My son chose racing cars. Instead of ringing when the alarm goes off - it plays your personalised 'wake up' tune.

If you become bored of your own song, or fancy a change, it's really easy to change the song it plays by connecting the clock to your computer via a USB cable -  it's a standard printer cable connection, so most people will have one already. This means you can use the personalised song, or any other audio files you have on your PC.

Sing My Name personalised children's alarm clock software

The software is pre-installed on the clock and it's really simple to choose to add extra songs or other audio, and change the volume of the clock so that it wakes up just the people it's supposed to! I have a feeling that 3 minutes of something dreadful at annoying volume would get a teenager out of bed much more quickly than me shouting at them!

Personalised alarm clock specifications include:

  • High strength, durable ABS plastic body
  • Solid chromed metal bells, feet and handles
  • Great sound quality
  • Demo function which lets the child play their song whenever they want
  • Snooze function
  • Re-programmable with your own music or sounds, making it a long lasting gift
  • Easy to use software on board - nothing to download or install
*Re-program function requires Windows PC and standard USB cable, not included
*Product requires 3 x AA batteries, not included

We like this alarm clock a lot. My 5 year old grins every time it sings for him to wake up! It's great for letting small children know when they can get up and come and disturb us. My little boys always wake around 7am, which is when the household starts to get up on a school day, but they've just started playing in their room at weekends when they wake, so I can set this clock for 8am and they don't disturb me until then.....too much...When they get older then I can change it to play whatever latest pop tune they wish - who doesn't love waking up to their favourite music?

Sing My Name personalised children's music CD

The Sing My Name 'My Music' Personalised Music CD contains 12 exclusive tracks and has a runtime of around 31 minutes. 


Each song is personalised so that your child's name appears around 90 times over the whole CD. There are 3 CD's to choose from - My Music Volume 1, Animal Friends Volume 2 and My Christmas Volume 3, and you can even have a personal message printed on the CD front.

The songs are cheery and sung by a variety of friendly voices, including children. There are samples available to listen to on the website, so you can 'try before you buy'. My 4 year old thinks it's brilliant, and he's quite discerning, he usually prefers grunge.

Sing My Name personalised children's music CD tracklist

The personalised alarm clock retails at £25 and the personalised CD's cost £14.95 and they are available from the SingMyName website or from various stores including Harrods, Fenwicks and Hamleys.

We were sent our CD and Alarm Clock for review.


  1. Hear of them before but never get around to know more! They look fab!

    1. They're really good - your children would love them for sure :)

  2. That looks pretty awesome! I know what you mean about the cheese factor of some personalised songs - good to know that the songs are sung well! :)

    1. It is awesome and there is very little cheese :D Cheers Sim!

  3. I love your blog! It is very original and interesting. My children would love this alarm clock and many more things I can see here... :-)

    1. Thank you Alida! That's a lovely comment. My children are very lucky right now - hopefully they'll stay in bed until 8am and I will be lucky too! :)

  4. Love the idea of the clock, think my 2 would like that!

    1. It's really nice. I had one as a child and it's excellent for teaching the time! :)

  5. I can't find the software to control the volume. Can you help me? I need the software... Thanks very much.

    1. Hiya Hugo. The software is all on the clock already, so you should be able to adjust the volume when you attach the clock to your PC or laptop via a USB cable. If you are still having problems then the onsite support is very good, so you can contact them though their website -

  6. Hi TBC,

    Thanks for you reply... but I'm quite a computer guy and when I connect the Clock to my computer, it only install some USB drivers and... that's it. Nothing happens. I've tried to reach but with no answer.


    1. I'll have a look tomorrow and see what I get, but I'm sure it was really obvious before. If I can't help then I can email my contact and hopefully he can help. It's very late now and I need really to go to bed!

    2. Hiya Hugo, I've spoken to Sing My Name and hopefully they'll sort you out :)


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