Tuesday 22 July 2014

Circue Du Hilarious Show Review

I'll admit it. I would never have ever actually considered going to see a show on the pier in Blackpool until yesterday. I was given tickets to go and watch Cirque Du Hilarious with my family, and we thought it'd be a lovely day out visiting the beach and the children would enjoy the show.

Circue Du Hilarious Review

The venue is upstairs to the right of the penny arcade on the Blackpool Central Pier. All the chairs and tables were set out so that everyone faced the stage and there was plenty of space between tables. A really nice size, so everyone is close enough to the stage that you can join in and interact - or sit far enough back that you are just too far away to be singled out by the 2 main performers.

Circue Du Hilarious Review Dancing Girls

The show is performed by a fantastic crew who all seemed to be enjoying themselves. The main two are Clive Webb and Danny Adams - a father and son duo who whatever they say, are masters of the ad lib. Alongside they have a team who were brilliant, there were corpses and failed props and each one was used to advantage to make the crowd laugh some more.

Circue Du Hilarious Review Running BathCircue Du Hilarious Review Rolled Flat
Circue Du Hilarious Review musical number

Beneath any slapstick - and there wasn't too much at all - there are a very talented bunch of performers here. They show this with some great musical sketches, close up over-the-top magic, the fantastic split second ad libs and the non-stop grasp of your focus, so that you barely notice they're doing scenery changes and clean ups.

Circue Du Hilarious Review robot boxing

There was a bit of smutty humour, which went straight over the head of my nearly 6 year old. It was a bit cringeworthy for adults, but my 12 year old nephew thought it was hilarious, so I guess it means there's something for everyone.

Circue Du Hilarious Review on Blackpool Central Pier Speed Camera Gag

The one who enjoyed it most, and laughed so hard he cried, was my son who's nearly 6. He's been reliving moments from the show all day, as have we "remember in the Cirque Du Hilarious show when they....."

Circue Du Hilarious Review on Blackpool Central Pier meet the stars
'Boy with Cirque Du Hilarious cast' image loading.,...
I'll admit it, it was hilarious. I've not laughed so much in ages, and nor have any of my lot. It was a brilliant way to spend 90 minutes of my afternoon, and has completely changed my mind about the quality of the performers working in daytime seaside venues. Aside from the smut and willy jokes, which I personally didn't like (I've got 4 boys, I've heard it all before), it was all fresh and very funny, and most importantly excellently executed. I genuinely recommend it.

The Cirque Du Hilarious will be performing on Blackpool Central Pier at 1pm and 3.30pm every day except Friday (day off), or when it's scorchingly hot (the 1pm is cancelled during the heatwave as it would be too uncomfortable for the performers under the stage lights) until 31st August.
Tickets are available from the box office or in advance from TicketMaster. Online with booking fee a full price adult costs £11.25,concessions are £9.25 and a family ticket (4 people) costs £30

You can follow the Cirque Du Hilarious on Facebook, Twitter and on their website.

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  1. to be honest, i wont think of bring my children. but these look fab!

    1. They really were Eileen. I would never have gone myself - but I think now that's a shame.

  2. It sounds like you had a great time - I thought you would have ben one for smutty jokes ;) We caught a little bit of these at Butlins (but couldn't find a seat so didn't stay) - what we did see we really enjoyed and E was laughing away! Will definitely have to try and catch the full show sometime!

    1. Do it - they were really incredibly polished. You can tell they've been working together a while :D

  3. This is usually the kind of show I'd steer clear of but you make it sound like it's well worth going to see! x

    1. Yeah! I would have done. I feel a complete snob now because it really was all round completely a far better thing in all respects than I'd assumed beforehand. Hands up, I was wrong. :)

  4. It sounds like you all had a brilliant time. Think my boys would enjoy this too!

    1. I think they would. There's something for everyone....there's a little burlesque sequence in the middle for the older boys :D

  5. Replies
    1. It was. A complete surprise and something I was delighted to catch! :)

  6. I know it's not my kind of show but I think the little ones loving it is really infectious and adds to your enjoyment, doesn't it? Thanks for linking up to #WHWH

  7. I've watched these since every year since 2009 in pantos, theatres, hippodrome circus,and Butlins and every time you watch it, it's always 100% perfection! they never fail to make you smile and laugh and come up with amazing shows everytime! they are the best act to see anywhere and would recommend going to see them if you have spare time you will not be disspointed .... #accident!!!


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