Saturday 9 August 2014

How To Make Apple Pice Cream

My 5 year old has been a star all week, whereas his 4 year old brother has been in loads of trouble and visited the naughty step several times - including for pulling one of our rabbits onto the table by it's ears. I told him he could pick what we have for tea tonight, and I was expecting 'pizza'. In 5 year old style, he completely pulled a blinder out of the bag, asking for "Pice Cream".

When I asked what Pice Cream was, he told me it's 'pie with ice cream in it'. Now, I can do baked alaska no problem, but ice cream IN a pie? So I asked on Facebook and had a look around and we came up with a few alternatives...

The amazing Blueberry Pie Ice Cream Sandwiches from The Kitchen McCabe seemed a winner, and easy enough to recreate in 'apple', but then a friend of mine suggested I was actually making it more complicated than I needed to, and I could just blind bake the pastry, stew the apple, and add a dollop of ice cream, and a lid. What's more is that if I deal with the hot stuff, he can do most of the rest himself, so it's even better...

What we've come up with was certainly delicious....

Apple Pice Cream

How To Make Apple Pice Cream ingredients


1 big apple (or 2 smaller) - cored, peeled and chopped quite finely. 
25g caster sugar per large apple - golden caster sugar is best, but all will do.
1/2 tspn mixed spice or cinnamon
30ml water per apple 
250g ready made puff pastry

You will need a deep cupcake tin or little ramekins


Mix apples, sugar and spice in a bowl

How To Make Apple Pice Cream ingredients chopped apple and spice

Add 30ml water per apple. Cover and microwave for 2 minutes on high power, stir

Microwave again for 2 more minutes on full power (if the mixture dries out add another teaspoon of water). If you don't use a microwave then put into an ovenproof dish, cover and bake in the oven until soft but with a little bite.

Blend with a hand blender until it is mainly goo

How To Make Apple Pice Cream apple puree blended

Cover and leave aside.

Roll out the pastry and cut a square for each pie to fit your tin. I found 10cm x 10 cm was just right. The pastry should overlap the edges, but not by loads.

How To Make Apple Pice Cream ingredients cutting pastry shapes

My son said the pies needed tops, so you need to find a suitable template. A Green Toys children's teaset mug was just right for ours.

How To Make Apple Pice Cream ingredients cutting pastry lids

Half fill each pie with the apple mixture. I couldn't decide whether to bake the lids alone or on top of the pies to catch the flavours, so I did a mix.

How To Make Apple Pice Cream ready to go into the oven

Bake the solo lids for approximately 12 minutes and the pies for 15 minutes, or until they're turning golden brown. Don't leave them too long, or the corners of the pastry will dry too much and burn.

Leave to cool just for a couple of minutes, and then the pies should carefully lift straight out by gently holding the pastry corners. 

How To Make Apple Pice Cream out of the oven and cooked

You can clearly see that cooking the lids on the pie does not give as visually attractive a result. The lids can be easily prised out though, and the added appleyness is lovely.

How To Make Apple Pice Cream out of the oven lid removal

Fill with a scoop of ice cream. We ended up with vanilla and chocolate.

How To Make Apple Pice Cream out of the oven ready to add ice cream

 Eat straightaway while the apple is still warm, and the ice cream is still solid..

How To Make Apple Pice Cream out of the oven ready to eat

 And was my 5 year old recipe inventor happy with his Pice Cream?

How To Make Apple Pice Cream ready to eat small boy's delight

Boy eating Pice Cream

Yes he was. Job done.

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  1. That look so prefect! I want pice cream too!

  2. Pice Cream looks awesome, well invented missus!

    1. Thank you so much! That's a lovely was all my son though :D

    2. Well....the concept and parts of the design ;)

  3. Love this idea, never thought of making apple pice cream!

    1. Hehehe - no! Neither had I before - I was quite hqappy juswt having them inthe same bowl :D

  4. Well done to your son for creating this recipe. Looks lovely!

    1. It was lovely - I shall have to see if he can come up with any more clever ideas :D

  5. Well done that boy! That looks amazing.

    1. Cheers Angela! I am very pleased with how it turned out :)

  6. Look out Jamie Oliver & Co. The next generation are already preparing their cook books.

    1. think? I can certainly handle that. I'll have to get him to cook with me more often! :)

  7. What a great idea, and he looks so pleased with the result. Will have to give this a try

    1. He was really pleased, bless him. He had a great idea and I'm delighted I was able to fit his criteria :)

  8. Replies
    1. They're lovely Laura! A bit naughty, but only a bit ;)

  9. They look amazing! What a fab Mum you are creating such amazing dishes at their requests!

  10. looks yum and fun

    1. It really was Karl - and we haven't had it for ages, so it has to be done! :)

  11. This look so delicious, I love apple. I will try make it tomorrow. Thank for share.


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