Friday 26 June 2015

Easy Picnics With Warburtons Vans and Cats!

Picnics are a great thing. A family or friends coming together to eat and play and talk. The food tastes gorgeous, the surroundings are unfamiliar and usually beautiful, and everyone sits at the same level, eye-to-eye, so talk is easy and everyone is equal - be they adult or child. There's little or no washing up, and the preparation is so much more fun than the usual standing over the oven cooking a meal for an hour or two.

Easy Picnics with Warburtons Shaped Sandwich Thins

Last week was National Picnic Week. This is Manchester, it rains here. It rains ALL the time. Picnics are a rare and pleasant treat, and as soon as we have a dry day the parks are full of people making the most of being able to enjoy the outdoors. Warburtons sent us a few bits and pieces to celebrate National Picnic Week, and try out their brand new shaped Bread Thins. 

Easy Picnics with Warburtons Cats and Vans Sandwich Thins

The shaped thins are available in Cats and Vans, hence the title of this post, and my little boys had actually spotted them on an advert the day before our hamper arrived, and asked if we could get some. Awesome timing....

Warburtons Cats and Vans Sandwich Thins

What was also awesome timing was the weather - after 3 days of rain, a lovely sunny day! The grass dried and the air was warm enough to sit outside without a scarf. Alas my operation wasn't brilliant timing, and I wasn't really ready to go out at that point (I was saving all of my energy for Britmums), but our lawn was good enough...

Picnic in England in Spring

I'm not cooking yet, and can't do anything that uses my stomach muscles, so even cutting cheese is not advised. I made our picnic, and the pre-sliced thins are so super simple and easy to use, it made it a real pleasure - and very quick.

A nice easy picnic lunch
It was warm and dry - but it was really windy!!
After a trip down the road sandwiches can start to suffer, the bread dries out and crumbles, it gets soggy from sandwich fillings like cucumber, and often really only tastes so good because you are starving. Warburtons Sandwich Thins don't dry out in the same way, don't get soggy as quickly, and they're really quite sturdy. If you aren't eating straightaway, they are a really clever alternative. They can withstand a bit of swinging around in a lunchbox and are narrow enough to fit in child sized lunchboxes, so they're perfect for school lunches too.

Inside of a Warburton Sandwich Thin

We're fairly regular buyers of Warburtons Sandwich Thins, they're a favourite with a couple of the teenagers, but my little boys haven't ever really been interested until they saw the Shaped Sandwich Thins - now they're converts! Warburtons Shaped Sandwich Thins have an rrp of £1.28 for 6, which does make them more expensive than sliced bread, but still under 23p a sandwich. It's a nice treat for my boys and they eat it all, no mess and no moaning about crusts!

Warburtons Sandwich Thins are available nationwide in ASDA, Waitrose and other supermarkets. Available in 2 shapes (vans and cats), and the square Sandwich Thins are available in a host of different varieties, including white, brown and seeded.

Picnics are available nationwide in any millions of locations. In case of inclement weather consider placing your blanket on the floor in the living room and just go for it. Make some memories.

In return for this post we were sent the hamper shown above, including a voucher to get some sandwich fillings. Naturally my intrepid adventurers chose the massively exciting 'cheddar cheese and ham'. 


  1. Awww that looks like a lovely picnic! Where was my invite?! ;) I love sandwich thins, the shaped thins are very cute! Sim xx

    1. Your picnic is in 2 weeks when you run the Race For Life! I'll definitely be bringing these then too, I hate dried out sandwiches :)

  2. love Warburton thin sandwiches! dont they look cute! My kids love the shape!

    1. They are really cute, aren't they! Ther'es something nice about eating a van shaped sandwich :D


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