Thursday 12 May 2016

What’s So Special Club - a free online club for young dinosaur fans

The What’s so Special Club, is, in their own words "a brand new, FREE online club for young dinosaur fans and budding palaeontologists everywhere". If that doesn't sound good then I am guessing you don't have children aged around 5-8. I know both of my boys are fascinated by dinosaurs and will love it.

Genuine Iguanodon Footprint - The Isle Of Wight
The What's So Special Club is run by Nicky Dee, the same person who created the What's So Special About.....? children's dinosaur books that we recently reviewed. We love them, they're a great crossover from little children's basic picture books towards complicated text-based dinosaur books. The website compliments the books, but can also be used entirely on its own for children (and their adults) to have fun while they learn.

What is the plural of Stegosaurus?
Membership of the Club gives children access to fun dinosaur games and facts, colouring sheets to download, dinosaur brain teasers and quizzes. There is regularly updated information and competitions, and a very special look behind the scenes for the making of the 3D models used in the What's so special About? dinosaur books.

Iguanodon Footprint Cast - on our Isle Of Wight eco camping holiday last Summer
A personalised email is sent to each new member and fresh colouring sheets, quizzes and facts are added every week and sent to you to download. You will also be kept up to date with the latest dinosaur news as it happens.

To join the What's So Special Club, visit and click on the club link. You’ll receive a welcome email and your child could be colouring-in one of the dinosaurs from the ‘What’s so Special About?’ books today.

Jurassic World LEGO - the Dilophosaurus
 As with the What's So Special...? dinosaur books, every dinosaur fact has been verified by multiple award-winning palaeontologist Dean R. Lomax and be warned - you WILL learn something...

A far better way for your child to spend half an hour screentime than watching videos on You Tube of people opening blind pack toys....


  1. So much fun. My youngest boy love dinosaurs and would love this. Looks fab x

  2. Is it fab - and free! My lads had a play and have really enjoyed it, and the printables are ace :)


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