Wednesday 25 May 2016

Snoopy And Charlie Brown The Peanuts Movie Review

Charlie Brown, Snoopy and the rest of the Peanuts gang have been entertaining children and adults since 1950. 20th Century Fox's computer animated 'The Peanuts Movie' is the first full length film featuring Charles M Shultz's world famous characters, and it's available to buy from 30th May 2016 on digital download, Blu-ray and DVD.

I watched the movie with my 6 and 7 year old boys and we all enjoyed it. The storyline is easy to follow for younger viewers, but there is enough going on to interest the more mature film fans - and their parents.

In the movie Charlie Brown and his friends cope with the arrival of a new girl in class, they manage to score a win over the kite-eating tree, and they generally just have fun being kids and playing with their friends. Snoopy meanwhile battles his arch-nemesis The Red Baron, including some great aerial action in his biplane and goggles.

The animation is really nicely done, with the characters having a true 3D feel against the static backgrounds. Bright and full of primary colours for emphasis, I felt it was a very attractive movie to watch, and actually easy to see all of the action at all of the time. One of our teenagers wasn't keen, but I really liked the clean, neat style of animation.

Absolutely crammed full of slapstick humour it had my boys laughing aloud throughout, and they really got involved with the story. Pigpen was a definite favourite character, and everyone said "awww" when he was asked to dance by one of the girls. All of the characters are very likeable, not only in appearance, but in character.

The style is very true to the comic strip, especially in parts. Snoopy interjects into the main storyline regularly to have a little 2 minute short funny story all of his own. It works really well, and they were some ofthe funniest bits which my boys enjoyed the most.

We really enjoyed it. Good family entertainment which is wholesome and violence free, nicely done and translated into a full length movie far better than you'd imagine from what was originally a newspaper comic strip. A great afternoon's entertainment and perfect for a rainy half term holiday.

There is masses more to see on the official Peanuts website, including videos, posters to download including the two shown above, and even an app. to Peanutize yourself! 

Peanuts is available in all good DVD stores and online from Monday 30th May on digital download, Blu-ray and DVD priced around £9.99.

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  1. Love this movie! It is great fun to watch and show kids our childhood tv!

    1. Hahaha - very true! It was lovely introducing ours to Snoopy - we have some old comic books too, so they've been reading those :)


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