Monday 19 September 2016

Beets Blu Wireless Heart Rate Monitor Review

Heart monitors are becoming really popular, with fitness fans wanting to know exactly how far they can push themselves, and working out in carefully divided portions to exercise their heart sensibly to the max. They are also useful for people who need to monitor their heart for medical reasons. Beets Blu have recently added an updated Heart Rate Monitor to their range, and sent us one to try out.

I'm not a person who works out, and nor is my partner, but last November he was taken to hospital with a suspected heart attack and his cardiac rate was all over the place for several hours. I pretty much agreed to this review out of sheer curiosity, although we do also have a 16 year old runner in the family who will take charge of the Wireless Heart Rate Monitor afterwards.

It really couldn't have been simpler to use. A battery is included which should last a year, and there is a straightforward adjustable chest strap. The strap is easy to forget about, so it's not uncomfortable, but it does feel a bit obvious. The monitor itself is very small, and fastens to the strap via press-studs.

I then made a huge error and downloaded the wrong app. I had wanted to use the Beets Blu app as it also ties in with my Beets Blu Scale, but I instead downloaded a different one. It found my Heart Rate Monitor almost instantly and gave a clear onscreen live indication of my heart rate. It couldn't have worked better! Very pleased with it.

Sadly though, I'm now unable to pair my Heart Rate Monitor with the Beets Blu app, so I have to continue with the alternative. I've tried resetting my device over the last 3 weeks (including removing the battery for a week) to no avail - which goes to show how little unpairing should be a problem for users!

I understand the app. is being updated right now, and my feedback was useful, so I hope to be using the correct app. at some point in the near future.

As a Heart Rate Monitor I really can't fault it. It doesn't miss a beat and retains contact perfectly even when I've been sat watching TV and am not even remotely sweaty, nor have I needed a contact gel. The figures update instantly via bluetooth connection, and there are a huge range of apps which are compatible, so you will be able to pull together all of your information if you use MapMy or Endomondo, Runkeeper etc. Probably wise to pair with the Beets Blu app first though...

The Beets Blu Wireless Heart Rate Monitor is available to buy now priced at £44.95, currently on offer on Amazon for £29.95. For a full list of compatible apps and devices, and more information, see the Beets Blu website.

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