Monday 12 September 2016

Googly Eyes Family Game Review (7+)

Googly Eyes from University Games is a board game that challenges you to draw picture clues for your team-mates within a set period of time, whilst wearing one of the 3 crazy pairs of glasses that are included. Great fun and definitely one that suits multi-generational play, our 7 year old is every bit as good at this as any of us!

Inside the box you have paper, a pencil, glasses frames and 3 sets of lenses, cards, dice, timer, counters and the all-important board.

Play is around a pretty compact board, which indicates which colour clue and lenses should be used when you attempt the next card. Each card has 3 different word clues which need to be read in secret by the player, and then drawn for their team-mates.

The cards are in 3 categories, which can be told to your team-mates, although obviously you aren't allowed to show them the face of the card or use any words in your drawing. You also have to use the timer as the length of time you get to draw varies too!

The glasses are really clever. The lenses slip in easily and really make on heck of a difference to your vision. Green is the easiest, followed by yellow, and blue are trickiest.

We really enjoy playing Googly Eyes. it's loads of fun. The drawings are hilarious, especially when you don't quite have the same idea of what something should look like!

This is an excellent game for large groups and when family or friends are visiting, and ideal for over Christmas. There really is no benefit to any age group, but having an idea of how the other team member's brains work is definitely an asset!

Googly Eyes is from University Games and is suitable for players aged 7+ in 2-4 teams of at least 2 players a side - up to around 16 players in total! Available now online and instore including Amazon, rrp £19.99.


  1. AH your kids are just so cute! Love their Googly eyes! x

    1. :D Thank you! Only as cute as yours though! They look hilarious through the glasses - either way :) x

  2. This is why you kept mentioning Googly Eyes!!! The game looks awesome and so much fun! Sim xx