Monday 3 October 2016

Mum On The Run 5 Minute Make up with ReCover Correct And Conceal Red

I'm not well known for wearing make up, but I am well-known for being super-busy and never having enough time. These two things do sometimes go together. My routine to get ready for the day pretty much involves dampening may hair and putting some clothes on, maybe flapping a bit of powder at my face. I am a woman though, and actually I do like to look as good as I can, so getting into the habit of a 5 minute make up routine sounded right up my street.

ReCover founder Annabel Jardella was a Hollywood make up artist for 25 years, and has also worked extensively on camouflage make up.
"Using colour theory Annabel has created a carefully edited range of targeted colour corrective products to neutralise a range of skin challenges. The pigment packed formulations ensure complete colour correction yet with a super fine layer."

I haven't used foundation in years, and my concealer is mainly used to hide the suitcases I have under my eyes, so I've been trying out ReCover: Correct And Conceal Red and really enjoying the results.

Choosing the correct shade for your skin is not only dependent on what tone it is, but also which colours come through - yellow, pink, dark red etc. My skin is often very pink, so I felt the Correct And Conceal Red in Light shade was the match for me, and now that I have used it, I think I chose correctly.

My 5 minute routine now looks more like:

1. Dampen my hair and spray it if it's too wild
2. Get dressed
3. Moisturise
4. ReCover
5. Mascara

It only takes about as long to apply ReCover: Correct And Conceal Red as it does to apply moisturiser, targetting the areas of red blotchy skin, applying a very fine layer directly from the bottle using the cooling (and gold-plated!) applicator, then smoothing using my fingertips. I'm really pleased with the results.

The ReCover also has some staying power. This was me before I went into Manchester on Friday to play with the new Toyota C-HR, and at the end of the day... The lighting is different unfortunately, but I think it would probably just show up my red patches more. My mascara clearly didn't last the day.

Clearly I wasn't any better at selfies and still failed to actually look at the camera, but I usually look quite pink, and only a smidgen more was showing through. I was also incredibly pleased with my skin in the photos from Blog On. I think it's the first time that, despite usually using powder, I didn't look bright pink in relation to everyone else.

I'm loving ReCover. It really does take moments to use, and makes such a difference. Whenever you are happier about yourself it reflects in many ways, and it brightens your whole day. I genuinely do not have the time nor everyday inclination to sit down and moisturise, conceal, and cover with foundation and powder. Using moisturiser and ReCover: Correct And Conceal Red gives me just as good a finish as I can achieve using those 4 products with truly minimal effort, and in a timeframe that is achievable for me every day.

ReCover is available now in 7 different shades, and there's a very clear explanation of how to choose your shade on their website. 

A 5ml Standard Size bottle costs £28, which is comparable to other products of a similar quality, and feels fair value. The applicator works well to apply the super fine covering that you need, so it'll last a long time. For more information take a look at the ReCover Website.

I was sent my ReCover: Correct And Conceal Red to review.


  1. That looks really effective! I'm completely stuck as far as make up is concerned at the moment. I feel a need to change my routine but, like you, it needs to be something quick. This looks lovely on you.

    1. Thank you! That's a lovely thing to say. I must say that I feel really good wearing it - complete confidence boost and so easy :)

  2. This looks like something I'd be interested in
    Will take a closer look

  3. It really is make up that feels like cheating. Perfect for busy people! :)


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