Friday 6 January 2017

Eat Fresh - From Farm To Fork in 72 Hours with Harvester.

The way to get best enjoyment and best nutritional value from your fresh fruit and vegetables is to eat them as quickly as you can after picking. Vitamins and other nutrients start to break down, as do sugars, from the second the crop leaves the plant.

I learned a lot about fruit and vegetables by growing my own, which I could pick and eat sometimes within half an hour. The crisp sweetness of fresh picked carrots, lettuce, sweetcorn and apples really bears no relationship to the soggy, tired produce that has travelled the world and then been in your fridge drawer since last Thursday.

Harvester might not be able to manage an hour, but they have teamed up with suppliers Fresh Direct to ensure customers are 'never more than a day away from a lorryload of freshness'. Fresh deliveries of produce 3 times a week mean nothing has chance to become tired, and should reduce some of the waste from overstocking.

Harvester want their most important customers to appreciate their efforts (and maybe be a bit keener to try some of them!) so they have made a couple of 90 second videos suitable for children to watch with their grown ups, which explain just how food gets from Farm to Fork - and how quickly it happens!

The time limit for food to stay in the Fresh Direct warehouse is only 24-72 hours depending on the produce...and the staggering 19,000 lettuces used per week are grown on UK farms...

If lettuces aren't your thing, check out the conveyor belt growing system for pea shoots!

I didn't even know Harvester's now infamous Famous Salad Bar included pea shoots! It's certainly opened my eyes. It's been a little while since I visited Harvester, and I was impressed with quality and variety of the Salad Bar then, great to know they are constantly innovating.

Harvester have a dedicated Kids Menu for under 10's, with 2 sizes of meal and proper choices (veggie sausage, rotisserie chicken, build your own burger, macaroni cheese or tons of others). The unlimited Famous Salad Bar is included with any main meal, even children's meals, so no-one needs to go home hungry! Something you'll especially appreciate if you also have a house full of growing boys...

Visit the Harvester Family Restaurant Website for more information - and vouchers to print off! At the time of typing they have a voucher for 40% off any regular main meals before Thursday 12th January.... Book online or via phone to avoid disappointment. 

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