Thursday 4 May 2017

Mother is the beauty of the home

This post is written by English student Simon Adler. It's personal to him. It's always good to read a worldview which may not be the same as your own, just to see how other people feel. He's keen on his Mum, obviously...

Everyone wants their home to be home sweet home. Home doesn’t become sweet by keeping luxurious things. It becomes sweet by its environment. The environment should be so charming that people automatically get attracted toward it. They shouldn’t be finding peace only outside their home. In this aspect, a mother plays a very important role. No one can deny her huge contribution.

She is an embodiment of the noble virtues which are transferred through the generations, building in the end a society of high esteem. Man always craves her love. He cannot live without her love. She gives birth to a man. Feeds him. Teaches him. Find tutors for him. Loves all of her children equally. Her love is purest of all the loves a man can receive. She works from morning to night without any expectation of reward. She is the backbone of a home. She fulfils tasks and chores without complaint.

She doesn’t care about the weather conditions. She is not thwarted by the scorching heat or chilly winter. All she knows is that it’s her job right now to cook food for her family. She sacrifices her sleep at night and she wakes up early in the morning. No one can surpass her in making sacrifices. She is selfless.

She can sleep without eating food but will never let her child sleep without food. She becomes the nurse whenever anyone is sick in her home. She can't bear to see her children with sorrows and problems. A mother's love has no boundaries. It’s all her sacrifices that enable other people to bow down their head before her.

She is very patient. People get easily offended on the shortcomings of others, but a mother stays patient with her children. She is filled with an immense pleasure that distinguishes her from all other relations. She is a central figure of the home. She keeps the house neat and clean. She supports her children. She encourages her children in times of darkness. She keeps an eye on the activities of her children. No one can take a more appropriate care of children than the way a mother does. She is the one who binds relations within the family.

She is deeply concerned with the stability of matters of her family members. She hides her sorrows and tears but can’t ignore anyone else in depression. She makes everyone happy. A good mother strengthens her relations with her husband and raises her children to have good morals. She sometimes forgets her career and education and completely submits herself to her family.

She builds up the good character of her children. She trains them spiritually. She teaches them that elders and all others should be respected. She serves as a light for her children. She knows that there are seasons in her life. She knows that if she will invest well in her children’s lives, she will ultimately reap all the rewards of their good character.

Though happiness of family is dependent on everyone in the household, a mother contributes more to the felicity of the home. She brings tranquillity in home by her good example. She is in a real sense the beauty of the home.

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