Wednesday 13 December 2017

Winter Wonderland 2017, Event City, Manchester Review

Winter Wonderland is back in Manchester until 1st January and it's gorgeous. We were invited over to review on Monday. The Wintery weather had us all in the mood already and when we went through the entrance there was snow indoors! And it was substantially warmer...and so Christmassy!!

There are shows and a circus, so it's worth checking out the times at the start of your 4 hour visit, otherwise you could miss your favourites. We caught Rainbow on the Main Stage. Winter Wonderland has a few seating areas, mainly towards the centre of the hall. You can always get a chair, even if you just want to rest your legs.

My boys had decided they wanted to go on as many rides as possible - and started with the Crazy Jungle house of fun. Winter Wonderland limits entry numbers for guest comfort. We didn't have to queue for longer than 10 minutes for any of the rides my boys chose.

They spent 5 minutes discussing which vehicle they were going to choose on the roundabout and then let everyone else past. Complete novices. The pink Frozen helicopter was thankfully still a winner.

All rides are included in your ticket price and you pay only for food and prize-winning sideshows. Most rides seemed to be suitable for anyone over a metre tall, although sometimes an adult has to ride with a child. My 7 year old only went on one rollercoaster ride where I had to ride with him.

I did think the Whirlitzer on his own might be a bit much for my youngest and his brother didn't fancy it. He loved it though.

The gaggle of bloggers wasn't part of the entertainment - we just all bumped into each other.

Winter Wonderland does cater for children 0-16 and as well as a few faster, bigger rides to keep the bigger kids happy, there's a soft play Baby Chill Out Zone for the little ones. There is also a chill out and cool down room for older children near the entrance and toilets at the front corner of the building.

As well as rides, shows, stalls and food, there are inflatables. My boys were more interested in the rides this year, but still managed a few slides on this immense bouncy inflatable. There is also Santa and for a £3.50 token, a gift. My boys are both believe Winter Wonderland does not house the real Santa, despite his real reindeer, and they chose not to queue to see him.

The boys insisted I went in the Hall Of Mirrors with them and it turns out the hardest bit is getting out through the spinning wheel at the end, when there are 4 children fallen over and sprawled in it. They tumbled round for ages.

My 9 year old was very much out of his comfort zone on a couple of the rides, and I think both boys tested their own limits and pushed themselves. By the end of the night they were professionals!

Big and scary rides out of the way, we sampled some of the food on offer before we left. Prices were very fair for food, expensive for drinks. You are allowed to take in your own, within sensible limits and glass is not allowed.

We caught up with an Elf as we left and I think the boys faces say it all really. We had an excellent time. There was something special that I didn't quite feel last year. Winter Wonderland was cosy and warm and the lighting was spot on. The decorations and carpeting were beautiful and people seemed more relaxed, smilier and less stressed, despite the freezing conditions outside.

Winter Wonderland is open at Event City in Manchester until January 1st and it's 22,000sq m of fun.  Sessions are 4 hours long and vary by day, but are usally a daytime session over lunchtime and an early evening session.

Ticket Prices: £20.50 per person (3+), OAP £15, Family of 4 £70. This includes everything except prize-winning sideshow games (Hook A Duck etc) and food/drink stalls. To book tickets and find out more visit the Winter Wonderland website. or call 0843 209 1842.

Security: Events throughout Manchester and the UK are now subject to greater security. Always check with the venue, but at Winter Wonderland there will be bag checks, body searches and extra security. No single adult will be allowed into the event, they have to be accompanied by a child. Any bags brought into the site should be A4-size or smaller and not include alcohol, glass, sharp objects etc (baby food will be permitted in sealed glass jars). Visitors are being asked to allow extra time due to security checks so that they don't delay your entry.

We were guests of Winter Wonderland to review and attended their Press Night.


  1. We had such a fabulous time and it was lovely to watch the kids have so much fun! Great to see so many friendly faces I knew too :) Sim xx

  2. This looks brilliant. What fun and those smiles say it all. We have something similar just after christmas a carnival which is fun x


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