Monday 1 October 2018

Light Stax Wireless Lights and Sounds Building Blocks Review (age 6+)

I've always felt miniature construction would be better with a little more light shed on the situation and Light Stax are a very clever and unintrusive method of achieving this. Wireless, you can barely see where the power is coming from and the way they attach together means you can safely make all kinds of amazing light up designs.

I was given some Light Stax to review at BlogOn and my partner opened them as soon as I got home. He set to work immediately producing my blog initials, which I posted on Instagram. We were both really impressed with the Light Stax - and yet we were both very sceptical before we tried them.

They've won us over. We've got the Snapping Crocodile, Hybrid Fire Truck and V2 Beginner Plus set. The power system is really clever, with metal built into the blocks to pass the current. You can barely see it and it doesn't interfere with building.

The plastic does have a slightly less soft feel than some other compatible building blocks, but it still feels nice quality and the bright colours are excellent. Clutch when the bricks stick together is a little tight, but not frustratingly so and your 6 year old will have no problem building with them.

Thesets are great fun and make nice models. The design is well thought through and the instructions are easy to follow.

You have to be considerate of  where Sound Stax and Light Stax are placed to get the best benefit and you need to keep a continuous path from the power brick to any light up areas, but otherwise the world is your oyster...

The Hybrid Snapping Crocodile Set has 71 bricks and 7 Stax light-up bricks, plus a Sound Stax - this one makes an impressive 'Roar' sound. There is also the Power Brick, which is battery-operated and motion-activated with sound as well as light. The battery is housed in a small drawer in the brick (V2 models, on the right, are USB charged).

This is a great little crocodile and he is really detailed. He stays together well and has loads of movement. I think he's a little short in the leg though!

The Hybrid Light Up Fire Truck has 189 regular interlocking bricks and 27 special Stax bricks which are powered, including a Sound Stax. You guessed it - nee-naw, nee-naw... and with flashing lights too.

This works incredibly well and is quite loud. It doesn't go on for ages either. The power brick in this set is also battery-operated. There are loads of moving parts and a couple of usable cupboards as well as the extending ladder on a turntable.

Light Stax System Beginner Plus V2 set currently costs around £30 and is one of the new V2 Stax sets which are available now. These are updated and upgraded and far superior. USB charged which is bliss and a good quality cable is included. The lights are very bright and these sets come in much fancier boxes, which can easily be used for storage and make a smart gift.

The Beginner Plus V2 set contains 24 Light Stax light up blocks and the fabulous USB rechargeable motor block (now with sound activation), plus a nice quality USB cable. It's a really smart set and makes a great gift. You can do so much with this...

You press the 'on' button multiple times to switch the lights through 4 different modes, including flash and sound-activated. There's so much variety that you really can find a set to do what you want with just about any build.

There are loads of different Light Stax sets available from different shops, so if there's something you are after, look around. I've found them at John Lewis, Menkind, Bright Minds, The Glow Company etc. There is also a good selection of Light Stax on Amazon*

We were given our Light Stax sets for review. Amazon Links are affiliate, which means I earn a few pence for every pound you spend through my link, as a thank you for adding it, but you never pay any more. It helps keep the website running.

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