Monday 4 February 2019

ReCyko+ Pro Rechargeable Batteries And High Speed Charger: Sent For Review

Like most modern families who like to play with toys, we use hundreds of batteries a year. There are loads of reasons why rechargeable is better than buying new non-rechargeable batteries, cost in money and materials are the main ones. It's much cheaper to recharge and we are all now painfully aware just how important it is to avoid throwaway consumables.

Selection of AA and AAA batteries and a high speed 40 minute charger in packaging

I've tried lots of different battery chargers and rechargeable batteries over the years, but hadn't heard of GP Batteries ReCyko range until I received the email. Their Rechargeable Batteries can be charged up to 1500 times each, but one of the things that makes them really special is that they retain their power really well, so that even after 5 years in a drawer you should still have up to 70% charge.

High speed charger with batteries in packaging with instruction manual

We were sent the 2 of the 4 x AA Batteries, 4 x AAA Batteries and the ReCyko+ Pro USB Rapid Charger with 4 x AA Batteries. Although they are meant to arrive pre-charged, we did find a few of the batteries were a bit lower on power than anticipated at the start.

High Speed battery Charger showing GP Recyko  logo and USB charging port

The Rapid Charger is really special. It can charge the AA or AAA or a mix of both at the same time, and you can charge any number of batteries from 1 to 4 at once. It is powered by USB, tiny and light and perfect for a pocket, camera case or handbag. It also looks really good and recharging is as quick as it suggests, even though the cable is micro USB rather than the new standard USB3. A full charge in well under an hour. Super handy and fantastic for taking away with you.

Very small High Speed battery Charger from GP Batteries in hand

We've been using the batteries in several items now for around 6 weeks because we wanted to give ReCyko a proper test, and genuinely we don't feel a charge lasts any less time than with our other batteries.

The super fast charging time is really useful as you really only ever need to take one set of spare batteries and can store them in the charger safely until needed. The matt black batteries are easily distinguished from any other types we have and there's something very pretty about that finish...

High Speed battery Charger with mix of AA and AAA at same time

I've never had such a handy battery charger and the batteries haven't disappointed. It's brilliant that my kids can spot the recyclable batteries instantly and the fast charging time is amazing. Taking the charger out with you is as easy as popping it in your pocket or bag, and because it's USB, you can always get a recharge.

GP Batteries have a big range of ReCyko products available to buy and you can find out more about the whole range on the GP Batteries website. We were reviewing the ReCyko+ Pro Rapid Charger with AAA and AA batteries. Prices are very reasonable and after 6 weeks use I am not in any way disappointed with performance.

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