Monday 21 October 2019

Disney Edition Colour Brain Game Review (age 8+) Sent by Big Potato

Our latest game review for Big Potato Games is Colour Brain - Disney Edition. Suitable for 2-12 players aged 8+, this is a question and answer game where every answer is a colour.

Just like most Big Potato Games, there are no tricky rules to learn and virtually no set up or tidy away time needed, so it's really user-friendly and ideal for parties or family gatherings.

Disney Edition Colour Brain Game box shot with Disney figures dancing and text

Inside the box is everything you need: The Rules, Pencil, Scorepad, 8 Card Steal Cards, 44 Colour Cards and 5 packs of 50 double-sided Question & Answer Cards. There's very little plastic waste and you can play instantly.

Split into teams of one, two or three players, and choose a Disney-themed team mascot...

Disney Edition Colour Brain answer cards with 11 colours and 4 teams

Collect your team's 11 different Colour Cards. We have always been reluctant to try Colour Brain because my boys are colour-blind. Although each card has the colour written in words, that's not helpful if you don't see the image in the same way as everyone else. With this in mind, we created more complex trust rulings regarding allowing colour errors. If someone genuinely thinks a green hat is purple, it's allowed.

Big Potato Disney Edition Colour Brain Review all 11 answer colour cards

All of the Question/Answer Cards are double-sided, with the 'question' on the front. The 'question' actually takes the form of an answer - E.g. 'The letters "OK" on Squishy's sweater', with the actual colour(s) and an illustration proving it on the back.

Disney Edition Colour Brain Reviewquestion and answer cards showing both sides

Players can see how many colours they need to choose correctly in order to score - you must get all of them or you don't win the points! Teams who did get the colour(s) correct score 1 point for every team who didn't. You get no points if everyone gets it right.

We were playing with 2 or 3 teams, so could only ever score 0, 1 or 2 points per round - which you mark on this handy scorepad.

The top Question Card card is shown to all players. Teams have to select the corresponding Colour Card(s) and place them face down on the table. Once one team has played their answer, remaining teams have 15 seconds to play theirs. That really is a genius rule and works fabulously to stop dithering and keep the pace going.

Disney Colour Brain gameplay in action with 3 teams cards on table

In reality it's really hard to think on the spot of the right colours, and you have as much chance with your first gut answer as you do by sitting and trying to work it out. Half the answers are on the tip of your tongue, and you would be determined to think of them if you had time - which would be a very boring game.

Disney Edition Colour Brain Review questions card examples

There is a sting in the tail. The 8 Card Steal Card allows you to take 8 Colour Cards from one of the other teams for 1 round. You can use it once per game and it leaves them a lot less chance of getting that answer correct. Naturally they are all evil Disney characters...

The aim of the game is of course to score 10 points and reach the end of the scoresheet. We get a lot of incorrect answers and with 250 cards to work though, we'll never learn them all. Even so, play is pretty quick because of the genius 15 second rule, you are never left waiting.

Playing with colour blind children wasn't as much of a hindrance as we thought. My sons could tell each of the cards apart and I lost the first game, so they do okay at recognising colours in animated Disney and Disney Pixar movies. We've had just 3 occasions so far when I had to trust them, and their level of confidence in their answers showed they believed they had it right.

Disney edition colour brain game play answers shown set up on table

Game length varies, but is probably around half an hour, so you don't need to commit a whole evening. It's a great game to play while you are waiting for people to join in with games night. Because you can play with up to 12 players, it's also ideal for parties.

It may be Disney, but it's definitely not babyish. It's pure nostalgia and it's amazing how many answers you actually know - or are sure you know until that card is turned over!

Colour brain family party colour guessing game review box cover

Colour Brain: Disney Edition is suitable for 2-12 players aged around 8+. Available to buy now priced £20rrp from all good toy and game shops, including online at Amazon* (affiliate link below). For more information about the entire range available see the Big Potato Games website.

We love Big Potato Games and have reviewed loooooooads. You can find all of our Big Potato Games Reviews here...

We were sent our copy of Disney Edition Colour Brain for review. *Amazon links are affiliate, which means I earn a few pence as a thank you for my time if you order through my link, but you don't pay any extra.

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