Friday 11 October 2019

Inside The New Søstrene Grene Manchester Store

Last night I was invited along to be among the very first people to check out the brand new Søstrene Grene store in Manchester city centre. I was also allowed to bring home a bag of goodies to show you the kind of products they offer...

Sostrene grene Manchester Store Launch collage of scenes from inside and close ups of products

Søstrene Grene sell all kinds of homewares, including gifts, cookware and specialist ingredients, craft materials, children's toys, Christmas decorations, prints and frames, cushions and a whole load more to make your home comfortable and attractive.

Sostrene grene shelving in store with teas coffees kitchenwares and preserves

The layout is very European, spacious and enticing. Immediately you are met with teas, coffees and preserves, and other foods. They even have loose tea by the bag - my OH was ecstatic with his Ginger and Rhubarb. There are lots of quirky, artisan or unusual foods which are very tempting to try.

Manchester Søstrene Grene loose tea by the bag range of flavours

There aren't just the foods, there are also things to cook them with, and eat them with - and off! Table settings, pots, bowls, plates and everything for a fully coordinated party.

Sostrene grene kitchenwares ceramics and table settings

Manchester Søstrene Grene candles party table settings christmas decs

That's got to be the best price for candles in Manchester. I was really impressed with the prices. These items are good quality, beautiful, but a great price. If my children were younger I'd have lapped up the wooden toys - as it is, I was very drawn to the stationery for my students!

Sostrene grene childrens wooden toys

Most of the products are coloured in Søstrene Grene's classic muted shades. These are my favourite colours, I loved it. It really is a beautiful place to shop.

Sostrene grene stationery and student supplies notebooks pens colouring

There is a huge range of craft materials for artists, knitters, toy makers, dressmakers and all sorts. I don't often get time to do crafts, but I wanted one of everything...

Sostrene grene craft materials buttons beads pipe cleaners paper

Sostrene grene craft materials wool paints canvas folders student supplies

I couldn't resist the Christmas corner. I love Nordic-style Christmas decorations and it wasn't hard to top up my collection.

Sostrene grene christmas decorations and wrapping

I was allowed to take a bag full of goodies home, and I picked lots of smaller items - from 50p pencil sharpeners and biscuit cutters, through to a gorgeous green diary for next year. I didn't forget my Christmas decorations though - and some of the spice mixes which just look and smell amazing. I think my favourite items have to be the reflective pin badges - it's very easy to forget to be bright at night when you are older...

Sostrene grene goodies craft tealights reflective badges

Possibly my favourite shopping experience of all time. Thanks to the staff, who were lovely, and the ladies with the musical accompaniment, which was an amazing addition to the evening! Manchester's Søstrene Grene is now open and I will definitely be visiting again. This is my new Christmas shop and I think everyone will be getting some gifts from there this December!

You can find out more about everything they sell on the Søstrene Grene website. They promote 'home-made' and have an online DIY catalogue full of exciting craft projects.
There are a few branches in the UK including Manchester City Centre, Altrincham and Chester in the North West and if you buy a shopper to take your goodies home, Søstrene Grene give a donation to Plan International.

My Manchester Søstrene Grene Store Launch goody bag contents

I was given my bag of goodies as a gift. 


  1. Oh my, what a lovely looking shop full of gorgeous goodies!! Definitely lots of great stocking filler ideas there!

  2. I'm definitely visiting on my next trip into Manchester, there are a few things that will be finding their way into Christmas stocking in outs house!

  3. Oh I would love this store. I especially love those wee Nordic style gnomes. I must visit this store next time I'm in the area x

  4. Oh, it all looks absolutely stunning! I'd want everything for sure! The colours are stunning! A great shop for Christmas gift ideas! :) x Sim


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