Friday 21 August 2020

Time School: We Will Remember Them (age 7+) Children's Book Review (Sent by Hashtag Press).

Time School: We Will Remember Them is a story book full of adventure for younger independent readers. Written by Nikki Young, we were sent a copy to review by publisher Hashtag Press. 

This is a really lovely book, with a great story that will make readers think, and maybe understand. Suitable for independent readers aged around 7+ (but with better understanding for 9+), Time School tells the story of  first year Secondary School pupils Jess, and her best friends Nadia, Tomma and Ash. One morning, without warning, take a train journey that doesn't lead where they expected... 

Time School We Will Remember Them childrens fiction review

The main story starts with a power cut, and everyone starting their day late, and in a rush. When Jess arrives at the station for her train to school, she finds friends Tommo, Nadia and Ash are also racing to catch it. They all leap onto the last carriage, and it's a while before they realise something isn't quite right. 

Arriving at school, they discover they have travelled 100 years into the past, just at the end of World War One. Adventures ensue, not least the fact that they have to work out how to get home, and it's a great story. It's very clever, and has a few unexpected twists, as well as immersing the reader into 1918. 
Time School We Will Remember Them inside page reading example

You see the past through the children's eyes, and it isn't really about politics or work or money, it's about growing up before your time, worry for those at the front, worry for those at home. It's about everyone working together for a shared goal, and being quick to support each other to make it work. 

It's timely as our young people face a confusing and unprecedented time, to see that other children had that same interruption and confusion in their lives too. Coronavirus may be unique, but disruption occurs to children worldwide every day of every year. It's an important lesson that we need to remember, and a reminder that obstacles are there only until we overcome them. 

The writing is incredibly easy to read, with a lovely steady flow to the story. Even when everything has gone crazy, the children act fairly realistically, and calmly compared to how adults might behave. The action never stops, but we see some more tender moments, and huge amounts of compassion. The author, Nikki Young, runs a creative writing club for young writers aged 7+ called the Storymakers Club, and I think it's excellent. After a quick look around the site, I know I'd have absolutely loved it when I was young, and so would most of our children. 

Time School: We Will Remember Them is out now. Distributed by Hashtag Press, softback with 138 pages, and gorgeous cover work by Tim Budgen. Ideal for young readers 7+ who want a little fantasy and history... 

I'm ridiculously late with this review, and the second book in the series has already been released - Time School: We Will Honour Them (£6.99rrp).  Handy Amazon affiliate links to both below: 

We were sent our copy of Time School: We Will Remember Them for review. Amazon links are affiliate, which means I earn a few pence if you order through my link. You don't pay any more. 

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