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COVID-19 Coronavirus UK and World News update 10 / 11 August 2020.

COVID-19 Coronavirus UK and World News update 10 / 11 August 2020.

Message on the UK Govt. site - "Owing to technical difficulties, the data will not be updated until 12 August 2020", but they have now released some figures - Losses of life +102 total 46,628. Cases +1,148 total 312,789

The UK added 816 cases yesterday, so the total of confirmed positive cases of COVID-19 stands at 311,641. 1,067 people were in hospital last Thursday 6th, with 67 using a ventilator on Friday 7th August. 

Yesterday we reported the loss of another 21 people who have tested positive to COVID-19. We now very sadly have an official total of 46,526 UK losses of life in all settings. 

Rep. Of Ireland 26,801 (+33) cases and 1,773 (+1) losses of life.

There have now been a total of 20,382,146 reported cases worldwide. The number of people who have lost their lives worldwide to COVID-19 is 741,689. Already 13,280,375 people have recovered.

food safety world health organisation

"There are two essential elements to addressing the #COVID19 pandemic effectively: Leaders must step up to take action and citizens need to embrace new measures." Dr Tedros, WHO. 

ONS figures released today show the number of people with COVID listed as a cause on the death certificate, in England and Wales only, from the beginning of the year until the end of July, was 51,710. Of these, 49,122 people were lost in England, and 2,513 in Wales. 

Nicola Sturgeon has apologised about Scottish student's exam results, saying the government "did not get this right". Teacher assessments for students in the poorest areas were over twice as likely to be downgraded by moderators, than students in the wealthiest areas.
They announced this afternoon that original teacher assessments will stand. Well done to everyone who NOW has the result they worked so hard for. 

Wales is easing restrictions further. Yesterday gyms, swimming pools, leisure centres and children's play centres were allowed to reopen. Best of luck guys. Recent outbreaks in Wales have mainly centred on business premises, which can be some of the easiest outbreaks to contain and suppress. 

Gavin Williamson has made a statement about English schools. He says he has study results to support reopening. After Priti Patel was so proud shoplifting was massively reduced during the period shops were shut, and Boris spent yesterday visiting an empty school to prove how safe it was, I'm quite scared.
Health minister Edward Argar is quoted as warning that the study is still "a work in progress", and papers are reporting that data already leaked about teenagers and older students isn't exactly 'encouraging'.... Looking forward to reading it Gav. No, really I am. 

110820 ONS Deaths in England and wales private homes to date 2020

Students in areas of Scotland were the first in the UK to return to school today. Younger students aren't expected to distance, senior schools should make efforts to distance when possible. Teachers and other staff should distance from other adults, and students when possible.
You guys have low numbers and less high density population (everyone is spread out), this can work. Best of luck - the world is watching. No pressure.

Northern Irish Health Minister Robin Swann is becoming concerned at the increasing number of COVID-19 cases. He's urging people not to forget simple measures like social distancing and hand-washing. They reported 48 new cases yesterday, with 194 over the past seven days. Today they've added 33 new cases, so fingers crossed guys. 

110820 ONS Deaths in England and wales to date 2020

Today, in a live TV briefing, Vladimir Putin announced: "This morning, for the first time in the world, a vaccine against the new coronavirus was registered."
He says his daughter has already had the vaccine, and had a high temperature for a day. He also claims “I know that it’s effective and forms sustainable immunity.”
The Phase 3 large scale human clinical trials only started last week, so scientists are urging extreme caution, and the World Health Organisation have stressed a need to go through proper testing procedures. His claim that it forms sustained immunity literally couldn't have been tested yet beyond around 3 months.
There is a safety caveat, the registration says that the vaccine, snappily titled 'Sputnik-V',  will only be available to the public from Jan 1st 2021.

"Some countries in the Mekong Region, New Zealand, Rwanda, and many island states across the Caribbean and the Pacific were able to suppress the virus early. New Zealand is seen as a global exemplar and over the weekend Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern celebrated 100 days with no COVID19 community transmission, while stressing the need to remain cautious.
Rwanda’s progress is due to a similar combination of strong leadership, universal health coverage, well-supported health workers and clear public health communications. All testing & treatment for COVID19 is free in Rwanda so there are no financial barriers to people getting tested. When people test positive for the virus, they’re isolated & healthworkers then visit every potential contact & test them also."
DrTedros, WHO. And that is what we are aiming for. We will get there. 

Ooh, but darn it. Bad news and an unscheduled press conference for Jacinda Ardern as New Zealand reports 4 new cases in Aukland. They belong to the same family, and it's not known how they caught it, so they are responding hard. Level 3 restrictions will come into effect in Aukland (masks in public places, stay home when you can) and the rest of New Zealand moves to Level 2. 

Pakistan is reopening. They are in a slightly better position than the UK, and at around 650 cases per day they've now opened cinemas, gyms and restaurants after a 5 month closure. Best of luck guys. 

The more I see of covid and the different responses from their population, the more I appreciate that 'how your government introduced this to you' has a massive and long-reaching effect. The countries mainly protesting masks are ironically the ones with most cases, and it's because Covid-19 was introduced as something not too scary to catch. A lot of people won't change their mind on that, whatever happens. If it was introduced as a clear and present danger, the people are much stricter on themselves and others. The UK government were wishy washy and ridiculously unclear, so the population reacted accordingly. It's the difference between "FIRE!! RUN!!" and "There is a little smoke, but we think we can keep it under control. Just keep going for now."
It's actually quite hard to change tactic and get people to run, when they don't feel any urgency. The initial rush of adrenaline has gone, and they've spent time convincing themselves they're safe. You can't just say "oh, hang on, it isn't safe" and get the same quick and decisive action from everyone as you would if you shouted "FIRE!" at the beginning. Especially if you whisper or dither.
A clear example of this is that the countries with the biggest protests about masks, are those with most cases and losses of life. The people convinced themselves they'd be safe, it's much harder to then convince them otherwise. 

Talking of which. New Zealand are drawing up plans to form a zero-COVID travel bubble with the Cook Islands. It's going be a very prestigious and exclusive club that one for a while. (We'll really know we're winning when we can join.) Maintaining caution at every step, they hope to have it in place by the end of the year. 

Turkmenistan has officially reported no cases of COVID. They banned use of the word Coronavirus back in March. Problem solved. 

We have had recognition from the World Health Organisation for the first time in months. Back on the scientific track:
"Over the last few days, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson put areas of northern England under StayAtHome notifications as clusters of cases were identified.
In France, President Emmanuel Macron introduced compulsory masking in busy outdoor spaces of Paris in response to an increase in cases.
Strong and precise measures like these, in combination with utilising every tool at our disposal are key to preventing any resurgence in #COVID19 and allowing society to be reopened safely" Dr Tedros.
The UK were cited as a fantastic example back in early February with our testing and contact tracing. As numbers went up rapidly when everyone returned from Italy after half term, we really, REALLY dropped the ball. 

President Lukashenko of Belarus, who says his population are too strong to worry about Covid-19, has won the election - and 2 days of rioting and protests have ensued. Police are using stun grenades and rubber bullets - it's really ugly. Human Rights organisations say Belarus haven't had a fair election since 1995, and the population have become increasingly upset with the handling of coronavirus and government corruption.
The head of the opposition last night fled to Lithuania amid concerns for her own safety. 

There are some rumours that people with COVID in England are being told to ride it out at home, even after several weeks of genuine suffering, and possibly it could be artificially keeping hospital numbers low. I'm not a medic, I can't say if you'd be better off in hospital, but comparisons of numbers of daily cases / numbers of people in hospital imply you may be less likely to be hospitalised in England than a lot of other countries (Including Scotland or N Ireland). The Office for National Statistics are reporting that many more people than usual are losing their lives in their own homes, despite overall losses of life being slightly lower than average - which would support that theory. Last week in England and Wales, the number of deaths in private homes was 676 higher than the five-year average. It is also possible people aren't seeking help when they need it, for whatever symptoms or condition they have. Don't be so scared of COVID that you do yourself permanent harm or worse, and if you are struggling to cope with COVID, don't take it lightly - ring 999 for any genuine emergency, just as you usually would.  

2 metres apart

Indonesia's Mount Sinabung volcano erupted on Monday. Additional disasters are especially cruel when countries are attempting to maintain social distancing or lockdowns. 600 people who helped with search and rescue after the recent Kerala, India, plane crash have been put into quarantine. Masks and gloves were not worn. 

Trump of the Day:
Donald said at his press conference last night that the Spanish Flu in 1917 probably ended the Second World War. As the Spanish Flu in 1918 was just a tadge earlier than the end of the Second World War in 1945, I'm guessing not. It didn't end the 1st World War either, but returning soldiers took it home and spread it worldwide as swiftly as a February 2020 half term weekend in Italy.
Mr Trump's press conference was actually interrupted near the start by secret service people removing him. Sadly there had been a shooting outside the building, and Donald was not in danger at any point.

Boris has announced £300m to support and upgrade Accident & Emergency departments ahead of Winter. We will need some way of ensuring we don't just cross-infect a stream of injured and sick people 24 hours a day, and that will involve some refit work in many hospitals.  

Just in case you thought the world couldn't be more crazy, a Chinese businessman in the US has commissioned the world's most expensive face mask from Yvel Jewelry in Israel. Made from 18 karat white gold and covered in 3,600 diamonds, it has a price tag of $1.5m, and should be completed by the end of the year.
I'll take two. Do you have it in green? 

Some people, all of whom would tell you to wear a mask whenever you are sharing someone else's air. 

Countries / Cases / Losses of life (some states /provinces yet to report):

USA 5,268,907 (+17,461) 166,813 (+621)

Brazil 3,068,138 (+10,668) 102,034 (+177)

India 2,325,026 (+57,873) 46,185 (+832)

Russia 897,599 (+4,945) 15,131 (+130)

South Africa 563,598 not yet reported today 10,621

Mexico 485,836 (+5,558) 53,003 (+705)

Peru 483,133 not yet reported today 21,276

Colombia 397,623 not yet reported today 13,154

Chile 376,616 (+1,572) 10,178 (+39)

Spain 373,692 (+3,632) 28,581 (+5)

Iran 331,189 (+2,345) 18,800 (+184)

UK 311,641 not reporting today 46,526

Saudi Arabia 291,468 (+1,521) 3,233 (+34)

Pakistan 285,191 (+531) 6,112 (+15)

Bangladesh 263,503 (+2,996) 3,471 (+33) 









Long covid 









Trump: https://twitter.com/girlsreallyrule/status/1292960993274998790?s=19

"Trump escorted from news briefing by Secret Service following shooting outside the White House" https://twitter.com/i/events/1292951141987229699?s=09



"New Zealand records first COVID-19 cases in 102 days" https://twitter.com/i/events/1293124167466758144?s=09









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