Wednesday 28 October 2020

Lo-Dough Review - low calorie, high fibre, bread and pastry alternative (sent for review).

Lo-Dough is a vegetarian, and GMO, dairy, nut and soy-free alternative to regular flour dough. It has 90% less carbs and is incredibly low in calories. In addition the original Lo-Dough is gluten-free. It can be helpful for all kinds of people, on all kinds of restrictive diets. We've been sent a box full of products to try, including some of the original Lo-Dough bases. 

Lo-Dough products all bursting out from a cardboard box

Since trying some horrendous gluten-free bread a few years ago, I've been a sceptical about 'alternatives', but I was very intrigued to give Lo-Dough a try. Is it tasty and easy to use? Well, yes actually. It's incredibly impressive.,, 

Lo-Dough Miracle Cake Bars in packaging

Inside our box we had some of the brand new Miracle Cake Bars - Chunky Double Chocolate. We all tried them straight away, and I'm very pleased I split one between us because they do qualify as a small meal. 

Lo-Dough miracle cake bar open and broken in half to show chocolatey goodness

They're lovely. Incredibly filling and containing just 131 calories which seems to be mainly comprised of fibre (over 1/3 of your recommended daily intake). They also only have 0.7g of sugar each, and you'd never know it. This is sweet and chocolatey goodness.

We had several of the original Lo-Dough bases, and they are heavily packaged, which is my biggest point against them. Each circular wrap is separated by greaseproof paper though - which is handy for the oven if you cook them. 

LoDough puffed appearance like regular dough with a rise

We were sent a Lo-Dough cookbook, and I'd read up online, so I know these can be eaten raw as a bread, heated like a fajita or baked like a pastry - they are really versatile. We went for pizza and quiche. 

Quite honestly it was the easiest quiche I've ever made in my life. I just dropped the Lo-Dough in the tray, and then my pre-mixed eggs, milk, seasoning and veg. 

Lo-Dough used as a pie dish quiche with eggs broccoli

Around 15 minutes in the oven and it came out of the tray really nicely. The big difference is that the 'pastry' is very thin, and doesn't colour the same as flour pastry. It tastes great though, and holds the food without cracking. 

My boys are not impressed by quiche, so they made their own pizzas. Just as easy, with tomato puree, herbs, garlic and cheese (their choice!). 

Lo-Dough home made low calorie pizza

You need to take your pizza out of the oven as soon as the cheese starts melting - Lo Dough does cook quickly, and if you aren't careful you'll get a fairly crisp base. For my vegan version, I just took it out once the mushrooms had started to dry out - amazingly that whole pizza has less than 100 calories. The Lo-Dough soaks up far more of any liquid than pizza dough though - so use more tomato puree! 

LoDough home made pizza and quiche on the table on plates

Every speck was eaten, so the Original Lo-Dough is a hit here. It is like a very thin Italian pizza base, or an incredibly thin pastry, and holds shape very well. There's no distinctive taste that's any different to regular dough or pastry. I think if you were presented with it, you'd genuinely not be able to guess it was an alternative with half the calories. 

Baking Brownies together dad and son

We were also sent some Lo-Dough Brownie Mix, and I had willing Chefs, so I left them to it. What could go wrong? Well, there wasn't as good a rise on the Brownies as I'd have liked, but otherwise I think they passed. Better mixing next time lads! 

Lo-Dough Brownie mix cooked brownie

The brownies may have been a little flat, but they have all been eaten now, and although it was unanimous they weren't as nice as the Cake Bars, they were soft and chewy. 

All that we have left to try is the Southern Style Coating. It has great reviews online and smells fantastic, so we're all looking forward to that. I'll share photos on Instagram when we use it. 

Lo-Dough is incredibly clever. The Original works exceptionally well in place of pastry, wraps and pizza bases, and doesn't change my enjoyment of the meal, despite being far lower in calories. The Miracle Cake Bars are also some sort of genius, delicious and ridiculously filling - while being proper chocolate cake. The brownie mix I shan't give away again, because I really should have tried it over sliced fruit in an Original base pie dish - as a Bakewell tart.... 

Lo-Dough is not the same price as standard bread, but as a dietary replacement or specialist bread it is fairly priced, and it will cost less than buying lunch out. It stores really well, and is easy to use, so suits anyone. Low calorie, low carb, high fibre - just 39 calories in a standard Original Lo-Dough wrap.

You can buy Lo-Dough products direct from the Lo-Dough website, with free UK postage on orders over £30. You can also find ingredients, dietary information and hundreds of recipes - it is INCREDIBLY versatile! 

A pack of 2 Lo-Dough Original bases costs £3.25, bulk buys are possible and subscribers get 20% off. The Miracle Cake Bars start at £1.99, Southern Style Coating £3.99, Brownie Mix £4.99.
At time of typing they have an offer for 2 x 2 Pack Original Bases and Cookbook Volume 2 for £11.99, which is a great place to start if you are curious... 

We were sent our Lo-Dough box of goodies for review. 


  1. ooh I know someone who would love this x

    1. I'm beginning to wonder if Sim couldn't convert me to a more Keto lifestyle :D

  2. For Keto fans, this is all a game changer! I only ever seem to miss pizza when I'm on keto! However those cake bars look like a fantastic treat! Sim x

    1. Yes! It really is going to be a good one for Keto people I think - I'm no expert, but it's really low in carbs. The cake bars are gorgeous, really gorgeous, and I've been having a bit of fun with quiche bizarrely :D It's so easy, it's quicker than making a sandwich - whack it in the air fryer for 3 minutes, job done :D


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