Monday 4 January 2021

Ad | How can a long dress be sexy?

Personally, as someone who loves long dresses, I can't find fault in this guest post. A long dress can instantly make you feel 'dressed up', whilst hiding a multitude of bumps and lumps. It's been a little while since I went on a date though... 

Nothing beats the feeling of butterflies in your stomach in the days and hours leading up to a date, but many women put themselves under enormous pressure to find the right outfit, often disproportionately so!

As a result, this often ends up in panic-buying, where you end up with a dress that doesn’t suit you at all – and which you may even not like! – and the date starts off with you in a bundle of nerves, rather than cool, calm, collected and ready to enjoy yourself.

Dress for your own body

There is not a woman alive who doesn’t like looking fantastic in the dress she’s wearing. The good news is that there are no rules to dictate whether a long dress or a short dress is the right solution to finding a sexy dress. It all comes down to your taste and personality, and if you wear something that you feel comfortable and confident in, guess what? That is a sexy dress!

Rocking a sexy dress all comes down to confidence. It is the absolute cornerstone of your look, and without it, even the most curated of looks can fall flat. When you wear a dress that feels like '├┐ou', you will feel more comfortable and confident. While this is not to say that you shouldn’t try something new sometimes, the argument for tried and trusted is strong!

What material should you choose?

Bearing in mind that the goal is to wear something you are comfortable and not self-conscious in, soft and flowing materials are a great choice. The soft flowing lines of a midi or maxi dress will bring it into its full potential as a sexy dress, and help you to feel confident without the pressure of needing a “better” body to be able to wear a sexy dress.

Putting it all together

When date time finally rolls around, you will want to round off your sexy dress with the perfect make-up and accessories. Keeping the styling of your dress cool and casual will create a friendly, approachable impression to your date, where styling the dress too formally can make you seem uptight and unapproachable.

In cooler weather, a casual blazer, or even a wrap is a great way to keep warm without compromising the look of your outfit. The beauty of opting for a classy outfit over skimpy one, is that you will be unlikely to attract unwanted attention (or attention of the wrong, cat-calling type), freeing you up mentally and emotionally to focus on your date!

Finally, picking a great hairstyle is the cherry on top of rounding off any outfit. Always opt for more laid back styles, unless the occasion call for a very formal dress code. Your hairstyle should frame your face and showcase your features, without taking over or looking stiff. Finally, wear a hairstyle you know you look good with, and free up your mental capacity to worry about the more important things, like when the next date will be!


  1. You look amazing. I think a longer dress is stylish and love the colour on you xx

    1. I cheated, that was last year. I don't think anyone took a photo of me this Christmas at all! But thank you :) I think a longer dress is stylish, but then short dresses can be too. I wore so much black as a teenager I tend to avoid it now usually, but it's definitely classic rather than faddy :)


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