Monday 16 August 2021

#TBCSmiles August 2021 84 Months....

I am a day late with this month's TBC Smiles, but hopefully you'll forgive me. They aren't any less fabulous, and that's got to be the main thing. 

84 Months is 7 years, and I've been collecting my family's smiles for all of this time because they are the reason we do everything, and in the times when I feel like I'm failing, looking at the smiles reminds me that WE CAN DO THIS. 

Sunflower by Lizzie Royle Image of flower over cropped out text paragraphs from Les Miserables
By Lizzie Royle (my niece)

Anyone else is welcome to join in with TBCSmiles, share your smile, grins, giggles and chuckles over on Instagram with the hashtag #TBCSmiles (watch the spelling, I've just found lots of very old smiles with slightly mis-spelt hashtags).

Over the last month lots of you have shared, thank you all, they really are incredibly beautiful. A few of you also shared sunflowers, because it's August and that's important to my family - If you don't know our story, you can read it here. Thank you all. Truly. 

It's always almost impossible to choose 9 smiles for a collage, I end up with a shortlist of about 40-50 and a satisfyingly sore face from grinning, so I asked one of my boys to select 9 of the biggest and boldest this month. I hope they make you smile too. If your face isn't pleasantly sore yet, you can find all of the smiles (and there are thousands) over on Instagram at the hashtag #TBCSmiles

TBCSmiles 84 months August 2021 Your Smiles

This jolly bunch were kindly shared by the following Instagrammers:

KatyKicker / WeMadeThisLife / HappyMummyBlogs
ClaireyHarpo / Hollybobbs / BeautiesAndTheBibs
TobyGoesBananas / CasaCostello / EarthBasedFun

My family made our own smiles too. August is a hard month for us, so we've kept ourselves busy and had a lot of family time. We had 2 University Graduations, but due to COVID, only one ceremony... booo... 

TBCSmiles 84 months August 2021 collage of my family's smiley photos

Your smiles are always there. If you don't see them at first, give them a nudge - you smile first. And don't be scared to join in - a smile shared is a smile doubled... and we all need more of that. 

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  1. Love your nieces' drawing that is stunning. And gorgeous smiley faces. This really is Elspeth's legacy. xxx


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