Saturday 11 December 2021

Sent By Gibsons Games For Review: Out Of Order - The Trivia Game With A Twist (age 14+)

Out Of Order is a brand new game release from Gibsons Games, and we've been sent a copy for review. Described very succinctly as the trivia game with a twist, this is an hilariously funny fast-paced general knowledge for 2-6 players aged 14 or over. Anyone can pick it up and play straightaway, but even though the questions are easy, it's not at all straightforward and can be really hard! 

Out Of Order Game in box pack shot

This is a plastic-free game, made in the UK from FSC paper. Gibsons Games products are often plastic-free. All of the hardwoods used in their games are reforested, and the jigsaws made from 100% recycled board. 

Out Of Order Game Review Card Question examples

Inside the box are 100 double sided 'quirky question cards' with a series of 5 questions on each side, and 6 'arrow playing pieces'. This is a genius scoring system. 

Out Of Order clever scoring system for games

The arrows clip over the edge of the box, which is numbered all the way around, and by moving them, you keep score. It's so simple, takes up no space, doesn't need a tabletop, is easy to change and requires no plastic. Brilliant. The entire game is packaged in a very small box too - ideal for travelling. 

Clever method for keeping score shown clearly with lots of players

The question cards are mainly really simple to answer, until you are under pressure. The twist to the game is that you reply "Out Of Order" to the first question, then carry on by giving the answer to the previous question each time you respond. 

Gameplay Out Of Order word game young man reading question card

The questions on the cards have been carefully arranged to give some incredibly funny answers. This makes it harder to keep on track - as you are always an answer behind and need to remember what to say next, as well as pay attention to the current question - laughing gets very distracting... 

gibsons games out of order question card example

Out Of Order really can be played instantly, by just about anyone, and an entire game takes around 30 minutes for 2 of you, a bit longer with more players. There's nothing to arrange or put away, and no rules to learn, so it's incredibly handy and user-friendly. We've already played a few times, and had a lot of fun. 

Out Of Order family game review pick up and play

Out Of Order is a new favourite to add to our collection, and it will definitely get a lot of gameplay. It is recommended for age 14+, and that's about right because some of the answers can be a bit of a double entendre, and some are just too difficult for younger people to answer! A great addition for any family with older kids, or for teenagers and young people to play on a games night... 

Out Of Order is available to buy now from Gibsons Games, priced at a very reasonable £16 - and as a bonus I have an extra 10% discount code for my readers:

Gibsons Games have a huge variety of different games and puzzles to suit just about anyone in your family, including some inspirational titles such as Rebel Girls, some very clever games such as a long time favourite of ours Quirk,  and the best-selling and incredibly popular Pass The Bomb! 

Gibson's plastic-free games displayed on a table - cards laid out

We were sent our copy of Out Of Order for review. 

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