Wednesday 5 October 2022

Star Trek Universe Collectible Toy Models Review. Sent by Bandai (age 4 to adult).

Bandai have released a brand new range of collectible Star Trek Universe models, and we've been sent the Original Series U.S.S Enterprise star ship (RRP £49.99), and Commander Data collectible figure (RRP £12.99) to review. 

Star Trek Universe toys on a table. Data in blister pack and USS Enterprise in large box

Suitable for age 4 or more, these toys will be just as popular with adult collectors, as they offer good play value, but also look great on a shelf. All of the models come with their own stand, and the range of possible poses is massive - perfect for play or display. 

Packaging is a bit disappointing. I could see Data was in a blister pack to protect him and his accessories, but the U.S.S, Enterprise had little excuse really. Cardboard has to be the way to go, not huge bits of single use plastic - even for more fragile models it's very possible nowadays. 

USS Enterprise in large plastic blister pack within box

As you can see you will have to assemble your model, but it's incredibly straightforward push-fit, and very stable once together - you won't get it apart again easily. Be careful with the stand. It also arrives in parts which won't come apart easily, so get it right first time. The stand seems a bit flimsy and it does wobble a bit, but it holds really well, has huge range of movement and is actually stronger than it feels. 

Bandai USS Enterprise model stand in 3 moving parts

The U.S.S Enterprise is big - 18"/46cm long, and it takes 3 x AAA batteries to produce the light and sound effects, which really made us grin. Nostalgia right there in a simple communicator whistle. It slots easily into the stand via a balljoint (harder to remove), and feels quite unsteady like it's going to topple over unless you get the balance right - in actuality ours hasn't moved at all, and it's definitely more robust than it first seems. 

Bandai USS Enterprise underneath showing attachment for stand

USS Enterprise Bandai collectible model completed and built from above.

The model is authentic to the show, with the flashing warning they're about to shoot the phasers, and the running lights and engine lights at the front and the back. When we turned on the lights, we discovered we hadn't quite pushed one of the wings in firmly  - if the lights on one side are dimly lit, you'll probably find the same issue. 

USS ENterprise wing attachment points transfer electricity to the lights

Once you have everything assembled correctly, the lights do complete the model. They don't transfer so well to photos, the front lights are of course orange in real life, but you get the gist. 

Bandai USS Enterprise in dark with lights glowing

USS Enterprise from below showing lights

The sounds also include phasers, battle sounds and phrases from Captain James T Kirk himself, and are controlled by a button on the top - as are the lights. These are a bit tricky when it's on the stand, but if a small child is holding it, they're very easy to get to. 

Overall a really nicely made model which has a great collection of sounds and really was a nostalgic toy for me and my partner. Any fan is likely to get joy from this, whatever their age. The detail is very good, the stand excellent if a bit nerve-wracking, and the authenticity very close to the original. 

Bandai collectible original Star Trek USS Enterprise model from below

The Collectible Figures come with their own accessories, Data has 3 - I don't know enough really, but I'm guessing Tricorder, Phaser and something else fancy in 2 parts with a wire. He's actually really nicely made, the decoration is tight and the articulation of the model really well done. He even has bending ankles. 

Star Trek Bandai Collectible Figures poseability articulation collage of 5 photos of Data in various poses

I really like the fact Bandai have included figures from 3 different incarnations of Star Trek - allowing anyone to pick their own heroes from their own favourite series. 

Data shooting phaser towards camera Bandai

Star Trek was a weekly treat in our house. Captain James T Kirk was a hero in badly-fitting pyjamas, who could save you from small furry creatures, but wasn't always able to defend against the lure of a pretty woman. Uhuru was my favourite. She was a woman with a very important job on a starship - and a great role model, especially for the time. Fast forward to today and we've had several Star Trek incarnations, a bunch of movies and it remains incredibly popular, with a really loyal fanbase. It's not hard to see why. Good storytelling with a hint of romance and a lot of mild peril, and a smattering of 'people in costumes' bad guys, who never win in the end... 

data with cat on table

The Star Trek range of collectibles is available now. There are 8 different figures, a Phaser, and the U.S.S Enterprise to choose from - as listed below with recommended retail prices. All suitable for children and adults aged 4 or over. You can find out more on the Bandai UK website.
Available now from selected stockists, including Forbidden Planet

Eight different Collectible Figures (RRP £12.99). 5" authentically detailed fully poseable figures with 14 points of articulation. Each figure comes with accessories and its own display stand.
Commander Saru and Michael Burnham from Discovery
Commander William Riker, Captain Jean-Luc Picard and Commander Data from The Next Generation
Captain Spock, Khan Noonien Singh and Admiral James T. Kirk from the original series, or 'Classic' as it's now often known. 

The Original Series Classic Phaser (RRP £19.99). 10” Phaser with lights and sounds, and 3 modes of play – full, stun and overload. This also has a display stand. 

The Original Series U.S.S Enterprise star ship (RRP £49.99). 21” highly detailed replica with
lights, sounds and command phrases from Captain Kirk, and display stand. 

We were sent our Star Trek Universe toys for review.

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