Tuesday 7 November 2023

Cheatwell Games 'Host Your Own Family Quiz Night' Game Review (age 8+, sent for review)

Host Your Own Family Quiz Night has been sent to us for review by Cheatwell Games. Recommended for 2 or more players aged around 8 or over, you play as 2 opposing teams. All of the cards have 2 general knowledge questions - one of which is more suitable for the adults, and one a little easier (and sometimes more recent) with multiple choice answers for the younger family members. We played adults vs kids, and it was brilliant. 

Host Your Own Family Quiz Night Game Box Front with large logo

The game board is relatively small, so you can play without having to clear a big table, and play is instant - set up from brand new took about 2 minutes. Putting the game away is just as quick.

Host Your Own Family Quiz Night Game opened with contents spread out

The questions are split into 8 themes, and the board has corresponding spaces, so if you land on 'People', then you get a 'People' question. It's really varied, and the questions very well selected, so none of the categories actually became dreaded or favoured (even Geography).

Host Your Own Family Quiz Night Game board showing categories

Whenever you get a question correct, you roll the dice again for another question, and the aim of the game is to get exactly to the centre first. It means occasionally there's a lot of distance between teams, but that advantage can disappear very quickly!

Boy sitting thinking about question answer for family quiz night

Each game we've played has lasted around 30 minutes, which is a really great length of time to play, and means if you are playing with younger children, they won't lose interest and wander off. We could all see quick progress forward, and it actually makes it really exciting and fast paced game. 

Playing a quick 30 minute game is incredibly handy when you are short on time, or want to warm up for something more serious! 

Two teenagers playing family quiz night game

Host Your Own Family Quiz Night is genuine fun. Nothing frustrated anyone, no-one became disappointed that they weren't doing so well, and the mix of board game and general knowledge quiz works really well. The questions really are excellently compiled, they aren't too tricky, or too easy! 

Cheatwell Family Quiz Night game question cards

This is an incredibly user-friendly game too. It's a great choice for a family or group of any ages - as the fact there are 2 different questions means everyone plays on an even par together, and the 2 opposing teams gameplay means anyone else can come into the room and join in with one of the teams at any point. 

Host Your Own Family Quiz Night is recommended for 2 or more players aged 8 or over, and it's an excellent quiz game, especially ideal for multi-generational play, for when you only have half an hour, or if you want a warm up game. The price is also incredibly good, at the time of typing reduced to £17.49  - affiliate link for Host Your Own Family Quiz Night on Amazon - regular full price is still very fair at £26.99. 

We were sent our copy of Host Your Own Family Quiz Night by Cheatwell Games for review. We were not paid or offered another incentive, and my review is entirely my own thoughts and words. Amazon links earn me a few pence if you buy through my link, but you never pay a penny extra. 

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