Wednesday 17 January 2024

Simba Hybrid All-Year Duvet Review (with temperature control technology). Sent for review.

What could be more timely than a duvet review? In this cold, Wintery weather we all want to feel snug and warm, and the Simba Hybrid Duvet really does do the trick. 

Simba Sleep have sent me their 10.5 Tog all-year Hybrid Duvet with Stratos® responsive temperature control technology. Not only is it warm in Winter, it dissipates excess heat so that you won't be too hot in Summer, so you can use this duvet all year round. 

Close up of Simba label showing some duvet fabric all around

The duvet arrives covered in a 50% recycled plastic bag, with a recycled textile zip up storage bag inside - storage bags are always handy, and it's a really nice touch - plus I love the fact we don't have loads of waste plastic. 

Simba Duvet inside recycled fabric storage bag

I unzipped the bag and the first thing I noticed was just how luxurious this feels. The plain cotton on the underside of the duvet is super soft, it's almost a shame you won't be sleeping without a duvet cover. 

The plain cotton layer is breathable, which helps prevent any clamminess, or sweating in Summer. 

Simba duvet folded inside open storage bag

The top side of the duvet is also cotton, and is a geometric patterned fabric which has a distinct feel to it. Brand new out of the packet it rustles a little, but once you have the cover on and start using the duvet, any perceptible rustling swiftly goes away. 

Simba Stratos fabric close up and folded over so you can compare cotton underside and topside

The pattern isn't just there to be pretty. This is the Stratos® responsive temperature control technology. It works by drawing excess heat away, so you can be comfortable and cosy, but not too hot - this is especially handy for people going through menopause or otherwise prone to heating up during the night. 

Simba duvet with Stratos temperature control label close up

Simba's website explains that within the duvet are super soft polyester Simba Renew Bio-fibres, to keep you cosy and warm. I can't argue with that. It's plump and soft, but not heavy - it was easy for me to change the cover alone. It's also nice and warm - my partner was away with work last night and our bedroom dropped to around 8 degrees, but I still woke up this morning snug and comfortable.

Simba duvet rolled up showing fabric

There are some really nice details with the Simba Duvet. There are tags attached with information, including which way around the duvet should be used - so you don't end up turning it around or trying to fit it into the duvet cover the wrong way. 

Simba Duvet label showing which way to be used on the ed

The tags also show you size (UK King size 225 x 220cm), density of filling (10.5 tog 650gsm) and care instructions. Simba duvets are machine washable, and can even be tumble dried on a low heat.

Simba Duvet fabric label cotton outers and polyster filling

Simba are keen on being green, and the scannable QR code on the duvet tag takes you to a page explaining how to recycle your packaging, and care for your new Simba duvet

Simba Sleep Duvet on the bed

We were sent a King Size Hybrid Duvet, Simba Sleep Hybrid Duvets are available in all standard UK sizes, including Super King. Quite honestly I can't fault it. I've slept under my new duvet for 5 nights and been warm and cosy, but never too hot. I haven't woken up clammy or uncomfortable, and I've slept through for over 6 hours on 2 of those nights, which is a really rare thing for me, and has probably only happened on 2 other nights in the previous 2 years. 

My youngest 2 boys and I sat on the bed last night and watched a movie, and they were full of praise for how comfortable it was to sit on, and even Sonja the cat seems to have taken particular delight in jumping about on it, and settling down for her twice hourly catnaps. 

Cat lying comfortably on duvet without any cover on

I've also found that my duvet hasn't moved about within the cover - which is possibly one or all of 3 different reasons as far as I can see, and they're all good:
1. It fits incredibly well and is perfect 'king size'
2. Clever design and patterned fabric hold it nicely in place
3. We don't move about as much when we are asleep, because we are already comfortable. 

The years have taught me that beds and duvets are an area where you really do 'get what you pay for'. A £50 duvet might be handy for camping or occasional guests, but if you want to look after your own wellbeing with a regular good night's sleep, and don't want to have to buy a new duvet every few months, then you definitely shouldn't skimp on quality. In that respect I think it's well worth spending some money on a product that not only cares for you, but will outlast any cheap alternative, and quite likely save you money (and sanity) in the long run. 

Simba Sleep offer very fair value for money for the quality of their product. At the time of typing they have duvet discounts of 35% for anyone buying a mattress and duvet together, a 40% off Hybrid Mattress sale, and also offer carbon neutral, free, next day UK delivery. Our King Sized Hybrid Duvet with Stratos responsive heat control technology for all-year-round use is currently priced at £249 (single £139), and if every good night's sleep was worth £2, I think you'd get your money's worth very quickly. 

We were sent our duvet for review by Simba Sleep, but I did not accept any payment or other incentive, and my review is all my own words. The review is positive because I am genuinely very happy with my 10.5 tog Simba Sleep Hybrid Duvet. 

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