Tuesday 20 February 2024

The Traitors Strategy Card Game Review for 4-8 players aged 8 or over. (Sent for review by Ginger Fox Games)

Missing the BBC TV game show The Traitors already? Don't panic, because now you can play it yourself at home. Ginger Fox Games have released a card game version for 4-8 players aged 8+, and they've sent us a copy to review. 

Pack front The Traitors strategy card game showing Egyptian style mysterious decor and mystery human wearing black hooded robe

Firstly I have to admit to never having watched The Traitors on telly, so this was a complete unknown for all of us. I was worried it would be a vicious and heartless game, but it turns out that isn't the case. This is a very quick game to play, each round takes about 30-45 minutes depending on the number of players, and although it's all about strategy, there isn't really enough time to be mean to anyone else - especially good if you are playing with younger gamers. 

The Traitors Card Game box contents shows instruction leaflet and 2 piles of cards

Inside the box you have 85 very nicely illustrated cards, and the instructions. At first the instructions seem quite daunting, but (as with many games) once you start to play it makes clear sense. There is an online video guide just in case you do get stuck, but we went for it and didn't have any issues, it was all pretty intuitive.

You will need a writing implement and paper to keep track of winnings at the end of each round, but aside from that all you need is in the pack of cards. Before you begin, split up and shuffle the different game cards. Special cards are put aside for the initial deal, and shuffled back into the game deck for play. Initially all players are given:
- A number, which may be used during an event to select your character for expulsion from the round
- 3 Game Deck cards
- A secret Faithful or Traitor card.

The Traitors card game instructions showing card types

The aim of the game is to have the most gold coins, which you only earn if you survive until the end of a round. Players must banish any Traitors to win an equal share of the prize pot, or if you are the Traitor, you have to keep hidden, so you can survive and at the end of the round steal all of the gold for yourself (and your co-conspirator if you managed to enlist one along the way).

The Game Deck comprises mainly gold coin cards in various denominations, which add to the prize fund when discarded. Each player can take a new card from the deck every time it's their turn, but can never hold more than 3 cards. Also in the Game Deck are Event Cards. Event Cards have actions which occur either instantly or you can keep them for when you need them. They include:
Quiet Night - continue with the game
Traitor - allowing you to defect to the dark side
Shield - to protect you from the effects of other player's cards
Dagger - allowing you to see another player's cards
Banishment - discuss, vote and banish another player until the next round
Murder - Traitor(s) secretly pick a player to remove until the next round

The Traitors different card types spread into 2 lines to show fronts of many cards

The Traitors is an app-assisted game, so secret voting and murders are very neatly done on a phone or tablet. It works really well, you just click on 'Event' and it draws at random, then whenever appropriate you take your turn to add your vote, and the result is revealed. Even though it works very well, I particularly like the fact you don't actually need to use the app to play, it just makes it easier, and maybe a bit more exciting. A set of random event cards and instructions for secret voting on paper are included. Not being reliant on an app. means your game won't have a lifespan that ends at some point when someone decides to stop funding the website. 

The Traitors Ginger Fox card game app collage of 4 pages

Each round ends when only 2 players remain, all Traitors have been eliminated, or the 'Final Banishment' card is drawn. We were playing as a 4, with 2 adults and 2 teenagers, and followed the suggestion to play 3 or 4 rounds. That took just under 2 hours, so about right for the estimate, and not bad at all for a first few play throughs. 

The Traitors card game is very easy to play, allows for strategy and forward planning, but isn't as cut-throat as you might suspect. We all very much enjoyed it, and have already played again. It works best with a few rounds, so allow a couple of hours to make the most of it. An ideal game really for any group of 4 or more, and it barely takes up any space either on the table, or in your bag, so it's a great one for travelling or bedrooms. The only downfall really is that you do need a minimum of 4 players, but on the flipside, it'll be even better with more of you, so an excellent one for a games night with family or friends of any age around 8 or over.

Ginger Fox Games sent us our copy of The Traitors Special Edition Card Game for review, and it is available to buy now at a very reasonable rrp of £11.99. Suitable for 4-8 players aged 8 or over, and if you loved the BBC TV Show, then it probably offers you even more than it did us... (there's a part where you write names and I have it on good authority it's a running TV joke that the spelling was not always great...). 

We were sent our copy of The Traitors for review. Amazon links are affiliate, which means I may earn a few pennies if you buy through my link as a thank you, but you won't pay a penny more... 

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