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Bedding For Bigger Kids - Fallout and NASA Review & Giveaway(Sent by Dreamtex)

Dreamtex are a name you may not recognise, but I bet you've seen their excellent quality home textiles in store or even in your home. They work with licenses from some of the biggest names in TV, print, game and film, and are committed to corporate social responsibility, working with Sedex & Oeko-Tex approved factories, to ensure that international ethical standards are constantly met.

Dreamtex single bedding sets in packaging Fallout ISA NASA

My boys have had some awesome bedding over the years, but they're getting bigger now and some of their tastes are changing. They've been sent reversible Fallout and ISA NASA bedding and I'm quite jealous. I'd happily have either of these on my own bed.

Fallout vault boy pillowcase he is doing thumbs up

Fallout has been a big hit here for well over 10 years and most of us have played at least Fallout 3 to the end (I got the completist's favourite, the Platinum Trophy - this is one of my proudest moments). This duvet set really is excellent.

Falloit vault boy fabric in yellow and blue with repeated design

The 'Thumbs Up' Vault Boy (not quite as smiley and innocent as it looks, see why at the bottom of the page) appears on both sides. Side one has his big smiley face and side two has a smaller Vault Boy repeated. The 'fallout' is done very well and is clearly evident, but doesn't look messy. I've always loved the colours and I think it works so well as a duvet set to brighten up a room.

Dreamtex childrens gamer Bedding Fallout showing both sides of duvet cover and pillowcase

The pillowcase is also reversible and it's really soft, you can't feel the print at all on any of the bedding.

ISA NASA bedding shown folded with NASA logo

Anything to do with space is always a hit and the image on the ISA NASA bedding is taken from the International Space Archives. The astronaut with the Earth behind him is iconic, and the message "I need My Space" perfect for any youngster's room - they all need their space once they get to the grand old age of 9 and 10.

Iconic image of astronaut with Earth behind on bedding

Here's my son pretending to be asleep - he insisted.

Pretend sleeping child under Astronaut NASA bedding

This duvet cover is also reversible and has a great constellations print all over the other side, which my son loves looking at as he goes to sleep. Here he is really asleep.

Child sleeping in bed showing Dreamtex NASA bedding with constellation design

The quality of the poly/cotton is very good and fairly thick. I've no doubt my Dreamtex bedding will last a good few years - they could be taking these to uni in 10 years time.

Seams are well sewn and I can't spot even a single error on ours, with easy-to-use poppers which fold at the close for a neat edge and a really wide opening to make changing much simpler. My 9 and 10 year old boys can even do these entirely by themselves now using the 'stand on the bed and shake it out' method.

I've done a first wash, as you always should to remove any factory or transit dust. The dye didn't run at all, the colour hasn't bled on the fabric and they are tumble drier-friendly. Always a bonus in Manchester. I'm not up for ironing just yet, so they were folded warm before going on the beds.

Bedding in washing machine before first use Dreamtex

I'm really pleased and so are my boys. You can't ask for more from bedding. Comfortable and soft, washes and dries well, and easy-to-use. And frankly very cool to look at - let's hope it encourages them to keep their bedrooms tidy!

Dreamtex make bedding in a big variety of styles featuring all kinds of TV, movie, book and game franchises including The Gruffalo, DragonBall Z, JCB, National Geographic, Assassins Creed and Game Of Thrones - that would be awesome bedding in king size!

We were sent 2 single bed sets comprising a duvet cover (137cm x 198cm) and pillowcase (50cm x 75cm). You can check out all of the different brands and licences they work with on the Dreamtex website

Single bedding sets retail at around £25, but I found a lot of discounts available. You can find them in The Entertainer, Matalan, Primark, Smyths, supermarkets, B&M and all sorts of other stores who sell bedding, including online at Amazon (affiliate links*).

Dreamtex have very kindly offered one of my readers a single bedding set of their own. The winner can choose which they want between the Fallout set or the ISA NASA set.

To enter the giveaway use the Gleam form below. The winner is randomly chosen by the form and all information is only used to administrate this giveaway and then deleted. If you are new to Gleam there's a link to help as well as my other UK giveaways on my Giveaways page.

Entry is open to UK participants only and the giveaway will end at midnight Sunday 16th June. Full terms and conditions are at the bottom of the Gleam form.

Dreamtex Bedding Giveaway. Winner chooses between Fallout or NASA

The darker meaning of the 'Rule Of Thumb' Fallout Vault Boy. 

Seemingly a happy chappy, what he is doing isn't as jolly as you'd first think. In the event of a nuclear explosion, put your thumb up, hold it at arm's length and if you cannot obscure the entire mushroom cloud, you are within the Fallout Zone. If you don't have a thumb, arm or are missing other parts you previously had, you were in the Blast Zone and will definitely be within the Fallout Zone. Anyone in the Fallout Zone will have around 15 minutes to get to safety, which always makes me wonder why people on Nat Geo programmes spend millions building their bunker 200 miles away from their house, especially when they live in the middle of a massive city with only 3 main exit roads....

*Affiliate links are my way of attempting to cover the cost of the website and feed the cat. I earn a few pence per £ if you buy through my link, but you never pay any more.
We were sent our Dreamtex Fallout and ISA NASA bedding for review. 

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