Friday 24 May 2019

Truth Bombs Party Game Review (Age 14+) Sent by Big Potato Games

My entire household love Big Potato Games. They make and distribute slightly more grown up games, with an element of adult humour and understanding that makes them ideal for teenagers and young people, or for playing together with your older children. We've been sent Dan and Phil's Truth Bombs to review. A 14+ rated game for 4-8 players which is incredibly easy to play straight out of the box and it's a massive hit here.

Truth Bombs Party Game Review front of box with colourful explosion

Inside the box you have everything you need to play: 70 double-sided Question Cards, 7 Coloured Card Mats, 160 'Target' (or Answer) Sheets, 8 Pencils, A Scorepad and the very short Rules.

Truth Bombs Game box contents including rules, target sheets etc as listed

The double-sided Question Cards have print repeated upside down at the opposite end - like a playing card, you can read from either side of the table. This stops everyone constantly picking them up to read them. Genius move.

Truth Bombs Game example question cards

Some of the cards are a little risque or adult. We've played Truth Bombs several times now, including with our 9 and 10 year olds. They really love the game, but we remove anything saucy beforehand and keep our other answers wholesome, at least as far as the kids are concerned.

Play is super easy. Take 1 less Coloured Card Mat than there are players and place in a line on the table, then put a single Question Card on top of each Card Mat. Everyone takes a Target Sheet on which they write their own name, before passing to the player on their left.

Truth Bombs game review how the game is set up on the table

Players now have to answer a single question for the player whose name is shown on the Target Sheet they are holding. E.g. If your sheet says "Dave" at the top, he's the Target and you answer one of the questions with Dave in mind. Once you've answered one, pass the sheet to the player on your left.

The colours on the Target Sheet match the Coloured Mats and your answer should go in the corresponding line on the Target Sheet. You can pick from any on the table, but if that answer has already been filled, you must choose a different question. It's very intuitive, especially if you place the coloured mats in the same order on the table. Continue answering and passing until you have answered all questions, then hold onto the sheet!

Truth Bombs game review example coloured questions and answers

The second part of each round is the reveal and score. One by one, the Target/Answer Sheets are read out and all of the answers about that person, or Target, exposed. The Target chooses their favourite answer, which wins a point. The Target then tries to guess who wrote it. If they guess correctly they win a point for themselves.

Go around the table until the answers on everyone's Target Sheet have been revealed and scores allocated. The person with the highest score wins! We play 3 rounds mainly, but you can make it as long or short as you wish.

Target answer sheet for Truth Bombs Game with 3 different answers

I was a bit scared that this game could be the start of many a divorce, with that family shock-therapy scene from The Simpson's in my head. but now I've played, it isn't like that at all. There are some cards with answers that could spark debate or really surprise you, but mostly we just laughed and laughed. You are never closed in by an answer, there are always multiple options you can give, so you can be as deep or light-hearted and funny as you wish, and there's never anything leading you towards nastiness.

We genuinely have all really enjoyed playing Truth Bombs. We've learnt a little about each other and been surprised by how much our kids know about us. We had so many really witty answers, even from the young lads, that I wonder how we do anything seriously at all. A really good laugh and it doesn't even matter if it descends into competitive punning. I'm looking forward to playing this one a lot over Summer with our uni student kids again.

Truth Bombs is available to buy now from all good games stockists with a really excellent rrp of £15. Made by Dan And Phil and Big Potato Games.  Here's a handy Amazon affiliate* doodad showing latest price on Prime. 


We were sent our copy of Truth Bombs for review. We have had it a long time and played it a lot and really I should have reviewed it ages ago - sorry. Amazon affiliate links means I earn a few pence if you buy through my link, but you don't pay any more. It helps keep the fires stoked. 

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