Monday 3 June 2019

Yard And Coop Manchester Family Restaurant Review (Complimentary Visit)

Last week Yard And Coop invited us over to review and as we all had a few days off, it was perfect timing. Specialists in chicken, but with a menu that looked equally interesting to me as a vegetarian, we were really looking forward to it and I'm pleased to say we absolutely were not disappointed.

The visit got off to a great start before we even got inside, because the artist Qubek / Mural Life was busy painting their outside wall. He's responsible for some awesome images around Manchester, including two of the most poignant and well-remembered after the Arena bomb. It was amazing timing that wasn't lost on my 9 year old.

Qubek Graffiti Russ painting a mural of golden wings breaking out of a golden egg

Russ of Mural Life Qubek Manchester with his mural just finished

Inside the Yard And Coop is huge and spaciously laid out with a range of different seating and tables to suit anyone, or any number. You could have an intimate 2 person meal here or an office party with 35 people and it would be perfect. We were offered a corner booth with a big sofa and loads of windows and gladly accepted.

Yard and coop restaurant review family seated choosing from the menu

The greeting from the staff was so friendly that I felt at home straightaway. They knew we were coming to review, but that can't actually make you a nice person. We were met by smiles and grins all meal and my family did nothing but smile, laugh and grin too. I partly blame the Massive Cock Mk IV - which my son was too embarrassed to say aloud.

Boy with Yard and coop's huge scooby snack style burger the massive cock mk IV

Now that my boys are a very grown up 9 and 10, they didn't want to choose from the £5 kids menu - even though it was pretty much my youngest's favourite meal. We were brought crayons and colouring sheets and there's even some LEGO to play with - but the kids were so chatty they didn't have chance to use them.

Yard and coop restaurant review kids menu Nugz Amaizeballs Mac an Cheese etc

Kids eat free with a paying adult over this half term, or there's a grown ups £5 lunch menu full of burgers, fries and chicken - including the veggie Amaizeburger (which I'm trying next time).

The real star of the show was the incredibly special Massive Cock Mk IV Burger, which my son ordered and couldn't finish - it was a monster! Buttermilk chicken breast and thigh, cheese sauce, adobo chilli mayo, salad, mac n cheese, hash browns, an Amaizeball pattie, Dr Pepper BBQ pulled chicken and crunchy chicken crack. Just in case you've any room left it's garnished with two chicken drumsticks, fries and sweet potato fries.

truly massive cock mk IV burger at Yard and Coop

The rest of us were more sensible - just. The bulk of the menu is buttermilk chicken and my youngest went for the main dish - choose your chicken, choose a sauce (made on site) and choose your fries. He really wanted Mac N Cheese as a side too. He ate almost everything!

Yard and coop manchester mac and cheese in foreground melty and steaming

My partner went for the Double Mac Burger - Two buttermilk chicken breasts sandwiched with mac n cheese, plus crispy bacon, Dr Pepper BBQ and cheese sauces and two Dr Pepper BBQ wings. With salt and pepper chips on the side. I had them too - they were gorgeous.

Yard And Coop review Double Mac burger with chicken wings on top

With my chips I went for a couple of sides instead of a burger because they sounded so exciting. I had expected this meal to be more for the meat-eaters, but vegetarians are well catered for. The Not Chicken Nuggets were very popular with my cheese-loving family, but the Curried CauliBombs were my favourite. Not a hint of oil anywhere and really fresh cauliflower.

Battered curried caulibombs and not chicken deep fried halloumi nuggets

The Sticky Sprouts were gorgeous and very different. Totally 'love em or hate em' and cooked with soy sauce, honey, lemon juice and red peppers. They've a really deep, rich flavour and were incredibly moreish.

Yard and coop manchester sticky sprouts

The drinks choice in Yard And Coop is also great - they've got all sorts and any pints are served in a dimpled glass, which I've not seen since I used to work in a pub in the 90's. Nostalgic and full up, none of us even had a drop of room left for desserts...

To his delight, despite not being able to ask for his Massive Cock Mk IV because he was to embarrassed, the waitress very kindly bagged my 10 year old's leftovers to take home - and he finished it for tea!

We had a genuinely great time. Yard And Coop was brilliant for the boys and us, we all ate a really nicely cooked meal that was delicious and filling. The staff make a venue what it is, and everyone right down to the Chef had a grin on their face and were more than happy to help us. Our waitress kept the restaurant spotlessly clean and we never waited for attention, but we weren't hovered over. I heartily recommend eating at Yard And Coop and I'd happily go back tomorrow - I need to try the Amaizeburger!

Yard And Coop is situated in Manchester's Northern Quarter, 5 minutes leisurely walk from Shudehill Tram Stop. Most of the food has options for different cuts, sauces etc. and you can create exactly what you want. In many cases you can even swap out the chicken for Breaded Halloumi instead. Main meals start at £10 for chicken and fries, with even the Massive Cock MkIV coming in at a very reasonable £18. Sides are £3.50-£4.50 each.

You can find out more and see the special offers and full menus on the Yard And Coop website. The Manchester venue is so big that currently you only need to book for parties of more than 6 at weekends! 

Our meal at Yard And Coop was complimentary in order to review. 


  1. This looks and sounds like a lovely place to have a meal. Great food xx

    1. It really was. So nicely cooked and we were all so satisfied afterwards - I'm really pleased we found out about it!

  2. Oh my gosh that food looks immense! x

    1. It was. My son's was massive, it's no wonder he couldn't eat it all, but I was full up on cauliflower and sprouts and very happy with that!! (maybe the salt and pepper fries helped too hahaha).


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