Saturday 15 June 2019

June #TBCSmiles... 58 Months

It's the middle of the month again and it's a bit different from this time last year! Although we've had a bit of sunshine, it's been short-lived and a big well done to anyone who has the suntan they already had 12 months ago.

Rain has been quite a feature the past couple of days. My thoughts really do go out to anyone who has been flooded. Losing everything you own so suddenly is far more than I think I can appreciate. It's easy to say "at least you got out okay", but the months of sorting, cleaning, rebuilding, fighting with insurers and living in temporary accommodation are no fun for anyone.

You've all made the most of what sun we had - there are loads of outdoor photos this month and a few children riding bikes. My children also finally learned to ride this month. A lot of things went on hold when we lost Elspeth, whether we realised it or not. We are beginning to catch up a bit now - thanks to our big kids for the nudges and the time spent running alongside their brothers.

It's great to see so many children wearing helmets to ride their bikes, because you only get one brain. Grown ups should also wear helmets, Children have bouncier skulls than you do, so it's even more important for you. Lead by example and make it second nature. You'll be so grateful when they are older and you are waving them off somewhere in the rain at dusk...

Thank you to everyone who shared your smiles with the hashtag #tbcsmiles. Here are a few of the biggest, but there were so many more we could have chosen. Anyone can join in, the more the merrier - just use the hashtag on a smile!

These beautiful smiles were provided by the following Instagrammers:

We had our own smiles too - mainly thanks to food, visits from the big grown up kids, our win at the LEGO Adult Night and my partner's birthday!

We collect and share our smiles to remind us that we can do it, and why we do it. If you don't know our story, you can find it here. It's not a happy story, and a lot of people don't have a happy story, but the smiles are always there. If you don't see them straightaway, keep looking... 

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  1. Aww I do love these posts. They never fail to make me smile. What happy faces xx


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