Thursday 27 June 2019

Hubelino Marble Run Elements Set Review Age 3+ (Sent by Hubelino)

Hubelino is a brand new product in the UK which combines with your own blocks and bricks to create a marble run track. The design and size is all up to your own imagination and it's a fantastic STEM supporting toy to bring out the designer and engineer in all of us.

Hubelino Marble Run Elements Set front of box with various bricks illustrated

We've been sent the Marble Run Elements Set, which contains 55 pieces, including 4 balls. Packaging is awesome. It's all in a big cardboard box, with 2 resealable plastic bags to keep everything tidy. No extra or unnecessary packaging and perfect for storage when you aren't playing.

Hubelino Set box contents 55 various shaped blocks in a resealable plastic bag

The Hubelino is Elements Set is an 'add-on' and although it's possible to create a marble run with these elements alone, it is designed to work with what you already have and is compatible with standard blocks.

Hubelino set all pieces from box on table

You can use it with little bricks such as LEGO, but it'll take a lot of building to scale it up to DUPLO size and you have to keep the build compact so that adjacent elements support each other, because clutch is really not great - i.e. if you try and balance one big bit on one small bit, it won't hold, it'll fall off. You are better off with DUPLO - but that's the same with any large scale build.

Hubelino marble run slope made with blocks and little bricks of LEGO

There are very different elements in this set and it opens up lots of possibilities. There are straight and angled grooves, two part tunnels, end sections, joints, curves and slopes.

Hubelino Marble Run Elements double tunnel made with two blocks on top of two more

We have plenty of blocks to use here, so I stepped back and let the boys see what they could create...

Very quickly we realised that a simple marble run isn't enough for 9 and 10 year olds. It had to have a challenge. More balls at once or two balls racing, challenging each other for speed and height. Although this is an age 3+ toy and we've not had DUPLO out for a long while, they still get a good deal of fun out of playing.

Hubelino is available to buy now in the UK with various set sizes ranging from around £20 up to a massive £225 Jubilee set which must just about fill a living room. Our 55 piece Marble Run Elements Set has an rrp of £41.99. You can find it on Amazon - here are some affiliate links*:

Amazon links are *affiliate, which means if you buy through my link, I earn a few pence as a thank you for adding them, but you never pay any more. I always check for best price on Prime at the time of typing and genuine products.


  1. We had one of these when the boys were younger and it was brilliant x

    1. Oh really? We've never had anything like this before - it really opens up a lot of opportunities to extend play :)

  2. We have the same set for my 3-year-old! He loves it and I love how it encourages him to be creative x

    1. It really does encourage creativity! It's lovely your 3 year old has it and loves it. We've had a lot of fun with it, and it's been a long while since my boys picked up any DUPLO :D


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