Thursday 6 June 2019

Grown Ups AFOL Night at LEGOLAND Discovery Centre (Complimentary Visit)

We've been to adult night at LEGOLAND Discovery Centre before and I've even written about it, so being invited along to review is something I was more than happy to agree to. Adult Fan Of LEGO nights take place every month, and it's only £12 for adults 18+ to play as much as you want for 2 hours without little people in the way.

This month LEGOLAND Discovery Centre are hosting 2 AFOL nights and hopefully it'll do really well because we had a brilliant time last night. Right from the start we were excited - a new brick in the 'Factory Tour' to compliment this season's 4D movie and theme of LEGO City Police and Emergency Services - Report For Duty.

The specific theme for this month's AFOL Night was Terrific Telly and there were several special games to play plus the Big Build Competition and loads of prizes to win.

We got stuck in straight away with the new mini LEGO gameshow: Higher Or Lower! I got through to the 8th round out of 10, which was good, but no prizes there.

Next was Find The Minifigure. A race to find a hidden minifig in a huge tub of bricks. I beat the person before me by well over a minute, yet was still beaten by loads myself. The winner had a time of just 2 seconds!!

Super Speed Build was so much harder than you'd think. As soon as the timer goes on the LEGO is flying everywhere and your model wants to implode every second. We had to make a gorgeous little TV purely by copying. My time was around 100 seconds I think, but still longer than the winner...

Benny the spaceman made an appearance and had his photo taken, and danced the Macarena. I don't know how heavy that suit is, but whoever is inside must be fit because he jumped a foot in the air!

The Big Build Competition is where you get to show off your creativity and you get all evening to make it. My partner is more of a free-builder than me, plus I couldn't think of a TV Show at first.

He started making boats for Deadliest Catch and so I started making a sea. It wouldn't be deadly without waves, which I was determined had to move, so between us we created a cam and covered it with as many blue bricks as we could grab. If I'd been thinking I'd have taken a video - LEGOLAND did, it's on their Instagram Adults Only Highlights.

Once the entries had been handed in people went off to watch the brand new 4D movie - LEGO City: Officer In Pursuit, but we are saving it for when we take the kids. Frankly a hot chocolate at the cafe in peace is still a treat - with AFOL Night 20% discount too...

I wasn't even sure if a team could really enter the Big Build, but it turned out most people worked in pairs. Most of these models were made within about 30 minutes using whatever people could find and the ingenuity is amazing... among the entries were Hero Kids, Dr Who, Pokemon, Deal Or No Deal, Catchphrase and a children's TV gunk tank.

Resident Master Model Builder James took his place next to the trophy and the prizes, with Benny for support, and read out all of the winners.

I certainly didn't expect a prize, not against such a great field of entries, but we won! James said it was because the judges liked the motion - I take the credit for the sea and waves idea, but I have to give it to my partner for the engineering really. We won the fantastic new LEGO City People Pack - Fun Fair 60234 with 14 minifigures!

It doesn't matter how good your building skills are or how shy you are, anyone can feel comfortable and free to play however suits you. There have been around 40-50 people whenever we've been to AFOL Night and it's always felt an incredibly safe and inclusive space.

No-one went home empty-handed. There was a pop badge and minifigure for everyone after the prizegiving and everyone gets 10% off in the LEGO Shop at the end. Brilliant treats which are worth going for on their own....

Adult nights are strictly 18+ and run from 7pm until 9pm, which is plenty of time to have a good play in the ballpit, enter the competitions, watch the 4D movie, race a few Speedsters and just soak in the atmosphere. You have to pre-book online and tickets are £12 per adult, £6 if you already have an annual membership. Next month's AFOL Night is Wednesday 3rd July!

We were guests of LEGOLAND Discovery Centre to review, but I happily pay to attend anyway because what better night can you get for £12 if you are a LEGO fan!


  1. That sounds like a great night. Well done on the win xx

    1. Thank you! It was an excellent night. It's always a real night off :)

  2. Awww some fantastic pics - look at your face! :) Totally deserved to win, your design was awesome!xx

    1. Hahahaha Thank you! :D I was super happy and chilled. It's such a great night off from being a grown up :D


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