Tuesday 11 June 2013

Pyrex Twitter Chat Wrap Up

On Monday 10th June at 10.30am we started our Pyrex Twitter Chat, over the next hour we were treated to some fantastic hints and tips for cooking healthy meals with minimal time and effort. Here are a selection of the best I could remember, copy or find afterwards....


Hints and tips to save time and add a little something extra to your cooking. 

Slow cooking was a real favourite, with many people mentioning slow cookers as being brilliant for getting everything prepared and then being able to walk away and let it do it's thing. I think at the moment they are having a real resurgence, the popularity of Slow Cooker groups like the one on Google+ with hundreds of members is testament to that. 

linked us to her super, super easy slow cooker recipe for Slow Cooked Pork in Cider and Mustard Sauce

Oven baked risotto - most of us didn't even know this existed and it's a revelation to me. Risotto is a real family favourite, but it needs nursing. Being able to mix it up and put it in the oven makes it a really great meal for a busy chef.

linked to her all-time favourite recipe for Butternut Squash and Asparagus Risotto

Sadly I missed the beginning of this conversation, but I think I can see where it was coming from when told "It's mega easy, just roast the beetroot, add to risotto. Crumble Cheshire cheese on".

Hotpots, Stews and casseroles were all popular, with several people giving recipe ideas and examples.

"a hotpot with chicken, mushroom, carrots, fennel, beans, beetroot, potatoes. Kids love it".

"summer one-pot with chicken, tomato and whatever is ready on my allotment like broad beans".

If you prefer your meat and veg with less of a sauce, then gave us her recipe for family favourite All-In-One Roast Chicken 
caused a bit of excitement when she mentioned Hunter's Chicken, described by as "Lovely! Chicken, bbq sauce, bacon and cheese".

Pasta Sauces that you cook and freeze a portion for later are invaluable to people with young children to feed. It's such a quick and simple meal to be able to whip a portion of sauce out of the freezer and heat that through while the pasta cooks.  

suggested we 'try adding Coriander seeds to Bolognaise sauce for a change', and an excellent tip "Make your tomato sauce base in the oven to concentrate flavours". She even kindly linked her recipe for Super Easy Tomato Sauce.

This would possibly be an excellent choice for 's "mini pizza on ciabatta bread kids can add own toppings, getting them involved often makes them enjoy it more".

And for those of you who don't like tomatoes on your pasta suggested "A quick meal is pasta & throw in fresh vegetables like tomatoes and peppers, cream cheese too.Great for summer".

Other Quick and Easy Recipes that were shared included with Lamb pilaf and with Sausage and Salad Pitta Pockets

For a drink with your meal offered 'Left over bananas can be frozen too, perfect for smoothies', and if it's a warm day knows how to cool your drink "My friend uses frozen grapes as ice cubes! Yum!"....I'll take your word for that!

Dessert. Well, no meal is complete without it. (healthy as ever) suggested fruit, sharing her recipe for "super fast" Easy Peasy Fruit Sorbet Smoothie

Around this point announced she was going, all the talk of food was too much and she was off to bake herself a nice healthy apple. I hope she hadn't put it in the oven before had chance to point out that instead of raisins she could fill her baked apple with ginger cake...."utterly lush"
I've missed a ton of other stuff that was said, but 2 hours looking at Tweets was enough for my eyes! A HUGE Thank You to everyone who took part, you really made it a great and enlightening hour and it would have been nothing without you.

All Tweets with the hashtag were eligible for the random draw to win £25 of Pyrex Summer Classics, and the winners were - 


Congratulations to all 4 of you! 

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  1. It was such a great party, with so many useful ideas!

  2. congrats to all winners! we all had a great time!

  3. I loved it thank you. Can't wait to receive my goodies :) xx

    1. You must share a photo - we still don't know exactly what you won! :D
      Glad you enjoyed it, thank you for coming :)

  4. I love Twitter parties, always brimming with ideas. Many thanks for the mentions! xxx

  5. congrats to all winners and thanks to everyone who came! was a great chat :)

  6. So gutted I miss the chat, looks like it was good! Keeping my eye out for an evening Pyrex chat - I think I NEED pyrex in my life!

    1. Everyone needs Pyrex, I think it should be given out in school when you leave! :oD


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