Wednesday 12 June 2013

What's In Your Handbag?

Yesterday I was tagged by ET Speaks From Home and asked to show the contents of my handbag and see how much it would be worth should I lose it.....

Okay, so I've been meaning to clear out my handbag for some time. I've barely used it over the Winter as I've taken a big bag with a change of small boy clothes when I've gone out, and just decanted the essentials. I knew it'd be bad, I really did. I perhaps still wasn't quite prepared for what I tipped out....

Erm....yeah. Okay, I'm embarrassed already. Lets just swiftly move on to the bit where I've thrown away all the tissues and the rubbish, the kids ate the sweeties and I've sorted it all out neatly....

There, that's not so bad...

My bag contents - 

Purse. (Not shown because my son took it to play with my pennies). My purse is just a cheap purse and it has very little cash in it, mainly just a heap of loyalty cards, old receipts and stamps. (Value £12).

Nappy sacks. There aren't any in the picture because I used them for the rubbish, but I always carry them for wet clothes, dirty shoes, sick, rubbish on the move and even protecting my phone when it's tipping it down with rain. (Value 50p)

First Aid Kit, antiseptic wipes, burn gel. We have 7 children, they have accidents, come to think of it, so do we. I've held a First Aid Certificate since I was 17 and so has my partner - it could be the most important and useful course you ever go on, but lets hope not. (Value £5)
The burn gel is from when I accidentally tipped a saucepan of pasta down my own front last Summer. (Value £9) 

Multi-Tools. I've long been known for my love of being able to sort out my own problems, so it's no surprise to anyone who knows me that I actually carry a range of Multi-tools - each one has been very handy for fixing or removing things, cutting string and tape and even last week taking apart a toy kettle at toddler group to remove someone's house keys that a child had posted! (Value £25)

Antiseptic Hand Gel. For after the toilet and before eating. (£1)

Socks Size 6-8 child, because boy no.4's still learning how to wee standing up with precision! (£1)

Toothpaste, Nail File, Nail Clippers, samples of Make Up, Lip Gloss. Yeah, not actually a very girlie girl....this is what amounts to my make up collection really....there's usually a Lipsyl too, does that count? Probably not.... (Value £2.50)

Spare Keys. Every home should have them (Value £8)

Foodstuffs. Chewits, vinegar, raisins, decaf coffee, cress seeds - it's like carrying an emergency instant meal. The only food group missing is chocolate....I even have 2 sporks and a fork. (Value £1)

Tissues and wipes. EVERYONE carries tissues and wipes, it's rule no.3 in the Parenting Big Book of Laws. (Value £1)

Head Torch, Glass Hammer, Carabiner. I was a Scout, I know the motto. I'm ready for anything...lots of things....some stuff.....I can find keys in the dark! (Value £9)

Old Tickets. The cinema, Legoland Discovery Centre, Blackpool Pleasure Beach. They were good days out and the little boys like to play with tickets. (Valueless)

Bottle Tops. If I'm camping I won't leave them in case they fall on the floor and an animal later eats them or cuts themselves. (Valueless)

Pens. I can never find a pen. Turns out that may be partly because I had 7 in my bag. (Value £1)

Toys. Tiny toys I've confiscated or picked up. 2 dinosaurs, a flashy hat, a black skull, a car with real wheels and Gary the Snail. And a Nerf gun. (Value £6)

Womanity Thierry Mugler Perfume Travel Bottle. My partner chose this for me a few years ago and I've worn it ever since. (Value £5)

Irish Leprechaun. My older 3 went on holiday with their Dad a few years ago and boy no.2 bought me this back. I put it in my bag for luck and it's stayed. (Value - Priceless).

So, in total that lot was worth around £87 to replace, which does surprise me a lot. I really thought it was just a pile of tat. Actually, it really is a pile of tat, it just has collective value far greater than I expected! Add to it my phone, which is almost brand new and with a value of around £320, my bag which cost £30 or more (it was a present), and I'm walking around with £437 on me.  Then the insurance excess if my bag was taken and my keys used, and my bag is worth £675. Thankfully I don't very often have any money left in it - and I am insured in case I leave it on the bus! (Again....although last time was 13 years ago and I did get it back safe and sound....).

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This is an entry for the Money Supermarket 'What's In Your Handbag' competition, I was not reimbursed for this post


  1. Ha ha! I can't believe you showed that first photo! I also can't quite believe you carry a glass hammer around!

  2. cant believe u bring toothpaste out!

  3. You have so much stuff in there!! All the tools and everything!! wow lol

    1. :D It's like Mary Poppins bag! At least I know now why it was so heavy.

  4. Your brave taking a photo of your bag tipped out with tissues and all!! Mine would look very similar, it urgently needs a clear out. I don't have any tools in mine though! lol

    1. Well, I thought I might as well. I was kind of surprised at just how much rubbish I did have in there. Less sticky sweets than expected though!

  5. wow! I actually had this kid of post in mind for today, so will embarrass myself later

  6. I'm impressed and intimidated. I fear there is nothing of any use in my bag. That said though, I do know who to come to if I ever need to break into my own house or car, which is handy.

    1. :D I have used that glass hammer twice when people have locked themselves out of their car - the second time the guy took the hammer and smashed the passenger window before I could stop him and tell him to just break the quarterlight!

  7. I love the fact you have a Head Torch, Glass Hammer, Carabiner in your bag, apart from being prepared I am sure that makes you a cool mum and a must have friend!

    1. I used to like you, now I REALLY like you...I'll read this to my children in the morning... :D

  8. I can't believe how much stuff you have in there! I'm using a change bag at the moment, so miss my handbags but I never ever have that much stuff in there! How do you find anything?!


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