Saturday 22 February 2014

Pancake Possibilities with Warburtons ~ Pancake Inspiration.

I was asked by Warburtons if I would like to receive a Magic Pancake Kit and obviously I accepted, not having a clue what was going to be in it....but it sounded great.

When the kit arrived I felt like the Pied Piper carrying a huge colourful box, all of my children were intrigued to see the contents. We weren't disappointed, it was amazing...

Warburtons have developed a full sensory fun packed pancake kit to give us some new ideas ahead of Pancake Day. It even had Maple Syrup room mist spray...Mmmm....

Tummies rumbling, we thought we'd give some of their ideas a try. The Pancake Possibilities Wheel has 7 possible outcomes and all of the ingredients necessary to try them were included in the box.

1. Chilli Jam & Lime
2. Granola & Shaved Coconut
3. Dried Banana & Cinnamon 
4. Chocolate & Popping Candy
5. Feta Cheese and Mint Leaves
6. Marmite & Mascarpone
7. Pancetta & Pistachio

The first spin was for my partner - Pancetta & Pistachio. I chopped the nuts and stirred them into the frying pan with pancetta just before it was ready to serve.

It was a hit! And it was my turn... Feta Cheese & Mint Leaves. I chopped the mint and added it to the Feta.

It was gorgeous! It had a lovely fresh taste and went really well with the slightly sweet taste of the Warburtons Pancakes.

Next up was Chilli Jam and Lime. I wasn't sure what to make of this one at all...

Again, it was gorgeous. It had a Thai feel to it and actually was my favourite. Very different to anything I've ever tried with pancakes before.

The last we tried today wasn't actually picked by the spinner, but it totally had to be done. Chocolate and Popping Candy - Willy Wonka would be proud.

This was great. The popping candy was a brilliant touch, and delighted everyone - I melted the chocolate and heated enough pancakes so that we could all have a try.

With only a couple of pancakes left and everyone satisfied we left the Dried Banana & Cinnamon and Granola & Shaved Coconut for another day - and I didn't have any requests to try the Marmite & Mascarpone - no-one was brave enough!

My 5 and 3 year olds had a request for supper before bed though....the last 2 Warburtons Pancakes.....with butter.....


  1. That is awesome! You lucky thing. I'd totally try the Marmite and Mascarpone, it sounds great!

    1. My daughter says she's going to give it a go tomorrow - we just need more pancakes in the morning :D

  2. What a fabulous box from Warburtons!! So many interesting flavours to try. Marmite sounds great as a savoury option on a pancake but I think the chocolate and popping candy would be amazing too!

    1. It is amazing. Very Willy Wonka! The little ones just stood stock still with their mouths open when it started popping :D

  3. Oh I am so jealous! Have you got any left I am on my way!

  4. Wow that all sounds rather good, I'm so boring with pancakes, I really should try new toppings rather than just lemon juice and sugar!

    1. You should. The chilli jam and lime was sooooo different and very delicious :)

  5. these all sound very different, I love marmite so will be round later to give it a try!

  6. We loved our box too! There are so many great choices that I would not have thought off!

    1. There's only the banana and cinnamon I've ever even considered before :)


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