Wednesday 14 January 2015

21 Today!

Today my oldest child is 21. He's not really been a child for a long time now, although he's very good at behaving like a 4 year old at times still....

Of course him being 21 means I must have been a parent for 21 years, which clearly can't be right...

Although this cute little chap does seem like a very long time ago....

Seeing as he's 21, the time has come. I need to apologise to him for his unruly hair. I know it's a pain in the neck, and whatever style he tries is a nightmare, and only a no.1 or a full on afro seem to work. It is incredibly thick, incredibly curly, and somewhat bizarrely incredibly dark - which has to be my paternal Grandmother's fault. However it does make looking at old photo's far more funny....


  1. Aww Happy 21st Birthday Tom!! Hope you had a great day! :) xx

  2. Happy birthday to your son! I hope he has a wonderful day!

  3. Happy Birthday! I cannot believe you've been a Mum for 21 years! That's not possible! hehe x

  4. What a lovely tribute to your son on his birthday :) I hope he had a wonderful day. xx

  5. Bet he loves you for sharing those photos! Hope he had a fab birthday!

    1. *snigger*. I did the post while I was watching a movie with him, then turned the screen round. He'll get over it :P


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