Wednesday 11 February 2015


 Michael Rosen Sad Book for children of all ages

Michael Rosen's Sad Book is illustrated by Quentin Blake. A book for children of any age at all, who aren't always as happy as they should be. And that's okay.

Available at all good book shops and online RRP £5.99.

Michael Rosen and Quentin Blake The Sad Book for children aged 4-11

In 1999 Michael Rosen's son Eddie died aged only 18 from Meningitis. To find out more about Michael Rosen you can visit his website.

This is a fabulous book. No-one asked me to write about it. I bought it, I cried a lot.
I loved it.


  1. I didn't know that about Michael Rosen, how sad, it's amazing how powerful some books can be isn't it, looks like a good way to explain sadness to children.

  2. Jenny, as always, sending a hug x

  3. big hugs to you. Now it is time to read positive book!

  4. I loved Michael Rosen's poetry growing up. I will be checking out this book for my son and children I work with! Thank you xxx


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