Tuesday 11 August 2015

Interplay Electric Racing Truck Review

The Interplay Electric Racing Truck is a cardboard motorised vehicle model in the Technokit range. Aimed at children aged 8+ it's quite a technical build and the model maker will need to use their brain a little in order to put it together successfully following the included instructions.

 Everything you need is included in the box - excluding 2 AA batteries.

The model itself is built from strong thick card, with foam wheels and plastic axles and motor parts - and a rubber band to turn the axle. It's quite similar to the Electric Stunt Buggy we reviewed a little while ago, and in my opinion a trickier build but neater finished model.

You start by assembling the cab, which slots together really nicely and securely. My 6 year old did this alone with no help. It's a sturdy model.

The chassis is bent to shape and secured, and then assembly of the wheels, axles and 'engine' takes place. We didn't really expect our 6 year old to complete the age 8+ model without help, and he wasn't confident enough to do this alone. The written instructions are worded in a way that's quite tricky to follow. There are lots of images to accompany though, and we did it right first time, so I think it's just a bit daunting for a younger or less experienced builder.

Once the motor and wheels are secured, the cab goes on, and this holds the battery box into place. This was the trickiest bit of the build as you have to watch several different parts at once as you slide it into place.

The finished model is lovely. A sturdy vehicle that looks great, is really light, and drives really nicely on a hard floor. The elastic band turns the wheels really well, and gives a good attempt over a rug, but can't quite cope with raised edges of the carpet.

This is a lovely model for your junior school aged children. It expands knowledge of all kinds of scientific principles including electric circuits, friction, cogs, motors and power. Building a model which then does something impressive is great for children's self-esteem and confidence, something they can be proud of. I love this range of models, and have bought several over the years for my older children.

The Electric Racing Truck has an rrp of £9.99 and is available at stockists of educational toys and online from the Interplay website

We were sent our racing truck for review. 


  1. That looks like a great project for a couple of Monkey's cousins, notes made for future Christmas presents.

    1. I've always liked the Interplay stuff for presents - it's the right price bracket and you feel like you're giving a PROPER present, rather than a fiver or a book token :D


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