Sunday 13 December 2015

Pip Ahoy's Christmas Ahoy! DVD for children aged 2-6

Just in time for Christmas Cosgrove Hall Fitzpatrick are back with a festive DVD from Pip Ahoy! Christmas Ahoy! will be released tomorrow December 14th, and we were lucky enough to be among the very first people to see it because we have been sent a copy for review...

Pip Ahoy's Christmas Ahoy! DVD for children aged 2-6 (review)

Pip Ahoy! is created by the people who brought us Count Duckula, Chorlton & The Wheelies and Jamie & The Magic Torch, and a character that David Jason made famous, Dangermouse. Christmas Ahoy! also features the voice talent of Sir David Jason as a handful of the friendly animal characters living in Salty Cove, including Pip's Uncle, Skipper.

Pip Ahoy Christmas Ahoy! children aged 2-6

My young boys are at the top of the 2-6 ideal age range for Pip Ahoy! but they were more than happy to watch Christmas Ahoy! with me. Christmas Ahoy! has a nice, gentle storyline with the familiar 'save Christmas' theme that always makes us feel warm at Christmas.

Both of my boys enjoyed watching. They laughed at the funny bits and sat quietly during the incredibly mild peril. It was a nice show to watch together and if they were younger it'd be a DVD I could very much cope with them watching repeatedly.

Pip Ahoy! reminds me very much of some of the older animated children's shows from Cosgrove Hall. There is the tongue-in-cheek humour and David Jason doing the voices in the way only he can, so that the characters seem casual and realistic to actual people your child might meet - and then you remember they're a talking, animated animal...

scenes from Christmas Ahoy! Cosgrove Hall Fitzpatrick

Nicely animated and fun to watch, with a very homely and familiar use of language, I'd definitely recommend Pip Ahoy! Christmas Ahoy! to parents of children under around 6. The DVD also contains 4 bonus episodes, so all together has a runtime of over an hour - enough time for you to do some wrapping...

Christmas Ahoy! is available from Monday 14th December (tomorrow) at the bargain price of £3.99 on Amazon, with a free singalong CD. Even better, if you are reading this between Sunday 13th teatime and midnight Friday 18th December, I have a giveaway where you can win a copy on The Brick Castle Facebook Page


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