Tuesday 8 December 2015

The Book Of Everyone - personalised keepsake gift books review.

The Book Of Everyone make lovely light-hearted keepsake books personalised with your choice of name, gender and date of birth for recipient, and you even give your name and relationship to them, so that the book is especially from you. Your book design can be completed in practically the time it takes to type those details.

The Book Of Everyone - personalised keepsake gift books review

As soon as I started making my book I was really impressed. It had far more pages than I expected, and they were witty and humorous, and actually very interesting to read. It's not a collection of blah facts you've read in crackers, it's intelligent and very nicely put together.

You select the book cover colour, and have the option to change a lot of the pages inside, exchanging images and text of your own instead of the examples given. I actually found a lot of the time I couldn't think of anything better than what was already there.

Your book is shipped in a stiff, easy open cardboard box, sealed in a thick plastic bag. This is excellent. There's nothing worse than a rain damaged package and a soggy ruined book. 10/10 for packaging.

The Book Of Everyone personalised gift book

You'll also see in this photo the true colour. I obviously wasn't to know when I took my photos that the blue table would make my red and blue book look orange and white! My son Jake was recently 18, so I decided to personalise my The Book Of Everyone for him.

The Book Of Everyone personalised gift book inside image

The Book Of Everyone has an impressive 50 pages in total, with everything from British Sign Language and the Chinese Calendar, to record breakers and news stories, and what was on the TV!

Now that really couldn't be more fitting....

The Book Of Everyone is available now from The Book Of Everyone website, priced £7.50 digital, £19.50 paperback, £29.50 hardback and there is a special deluxe edition for £49.50.

You can also get The Book Of Everyone For Christmas, The Book Of Everyone Milestone Edition and Mum, Dad and Romantic Editions.


  1. We recently had this book for my son's birthday and he love the details in this book. It was great.

    1. It's lovely isn't it. I really think my 18 year old will appreciate it as an interesting book and not just a keepsake :)


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