Saturday 19 March 2016

10 Alternatives To Eating Chocolate All Easter!

If, like most, your children are viewing Easter as a time for stuffing their faces until they feel a bit queasy (and repeat) then here are some ideas for things to do that won't cost a fortune, won't fill your house and children with hollow chocolate models, and hopefully will let you spend a bit of quality time together.

Go OUT: If you are in the NorthWest then I'll be publishing a great list of things going on around the Manchester area this Easter for families, but low-cost events and activities happen everywhere. Google local museums and council run parks and activity centres, and take a look at your local news websites.

Eureka Children's Museum Halifax
Eureka the National Children's Museum, Halifax: £11.95 per person annual entry

Stay IN TOWN: There will be loads to explore in your own local area, but it's easily overlooked. Take a look online, print off  a map and pretend you are a tourist, and spend a day visiting your own local attractions. History and geography lessons the fun way with your child.

Get ACTIVE: Your local council run sports centre will have activities running throughout the holidays, as may local schools and colleges. It's amazing just what they can offer, and there will be other events near you. Check sites such as the BBC's Get Inspired for your own inspiration.

Stay AT HOME: If you are lucky enough to have a garden then get your children to help you tidy it up for Summer. Build the RSPB's wildlife stack with the things you collect, lift rocks and have a bug hunt. Plan spaces to play games and maybe designate a children's garden patch or a vegetable plot.

Wilkos bird table
Bird Table £10, bird seed £1.50
Easter TREASURE HUNT: Our children absolutely love it when we write a treasure hunt with clues. Start by writing the clue to find the end treasure, and then each clue in turn until you reach the first clue. The treasure can be anything, and the clues can be written to suit your own child's reading ability - or drawn or pasted from a magazine/catalogue for pre-readers. Whatever the weather this one suits indoors or outdoors.
Stay IN: When was the last time you all played together? Everyone pick a favourite easy-to-play game or two, and have an inter-family tournament. Include board games, card games, computer games or any other game that everyone can spend half an hour attempting, and you'll have a more even playing field and probably a few surprises.

The Works: Chicks £1, Bunny £3, Egg & Spoon £2,
Pompoms & Pipecleaners £1
Get CRAFTY: Pick up essentials like glue sticks, PVA, card and tissue paper, and some inexpensive special Easter bits and pieces from The Works and you can entertain yourselves all day - while also teaching your child valuable skills including scissorwork, penmanship, spelling and using your imagination - and creating some lovely keepsakes for yourselves, or to give as gifts.

Be traditional and DECORATE EGGS: Hardboil eggs and decorate them. Paint is traditional, but felt tips are brilliant (nail varnish and inks for experts) and when you have finished go egg rolling - take them to the nearest hill on Easter Monday and roll them down to celebrate the coming of Spring and rebirth.

Age 5 - Eggcraft. Age 7 - Neil Eggstrong, Eggsplorer
Set an EGG RACE CHALLENGE: Challenge your family to make a vehicle that will transport an egg a certain distance. It can be pushed, thrown or otherwise set off, but has to travel from one place to another without anyone holding it or the egg breaking. Decide what it must be made from and watch the brains whir into action - LEGO, junk, cardboard, kitchen equipment, paper, sticks, drinking straws - vary difficulty depending on age and ability and pair up if anyone is struggling to get started...

Get COOKING WITH KIDS: Children find masses of inspiration from actually handling and cooking food themselves. They learn about the time and effort involved, the ingredients and how everything changes when you cook it. You find out what they like and if you are lucky you might even discover something delicious and new...

Apple Pice Cream

This post was written by me and brought to you by me and The Works.

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