Wednesday 9 March 2016

Disney Zootropolis Toys From Tomy Review

March 25th sees the UK release of the brand new animated Disney movie Zootropolis (also called Zootopia in some countries). From the people behind Frozen and Big Hero 6, Zootropolis has been a massive hit with the critics and is set to be huge!

Zootropolis is set in a land where animated animals reign. One of the main characters is a rabbit named Judy, who also happens to be a Police Officer...

Zootropolis Toys Review And Giveaway With Tomy (Zootopia)

Tomy have a great range of toys to accompany Zootropolis, including Judy's Carrot Recorder and Badge, Judy's Deluxe Police Vehicle and a very cuddly Officer Judy Hopps. They've sent us a set to review, and we have another set to give away to one of my readers...

Judy's Carrot Recorder And Badge was an instant hit. My nearly 6 year old loves this. The badge is pin free clip on, and the recorder only has 3 buttons - on/off, record and play. Easy to learn, a good volume and very clear. He wouldn't stand still for a photo the pesky chap...

Also a hit was the Officer Judy Hopps Soft Toy Doll. When you press a button in her chest she says several phrases from the movie nice and clearly. Judy is voiced by Ginnifer Goodwin, the star of Mona Lisa Smile.

Zootropolis Zootopia Judy HoppsToy Review Tomy

Judy's trousers are a little bit of a strange silky material, and her fur is super soft. She has a lovely face and my youngest took to her immediately. The mix of fabrics makes her very tactile and interesting.

Officer Judy Hopps Soft Toy Plush Review Tomy

Last but not least we have Judy's Deluxe Police Vehicle with Judy Hopps and Mouse Perp figures. This is a great set! The figures are really nicely done, with lots of detail. The range of movement in Judy is brilliant. The Mouse Perp is tiny though, so store him on his spot in the vehicle boot so that you don't lose him.

The Deluxe Police Vehicle is an excellent car!! It has a simple but clever battery-operated LED system which means the lights turn on and off as you push the car forward, creating really effective Police flashing lights.

Judy's Police Vehicle also has an opening boot with an extending cage for differently sized prisoners, and an opening roof to let the figures sit in the front.

All of the toys above are made by Tomy, and available to buy now. Judy's Carrot Recorder And Badge (3+ rrp £12.99), Judy's Deluxe Police Vehicle (3+ £19.99) and Officer Judy Hopps Soft Toy (3+ rrp £16.99 ).

I have a giveaway running where UK readers can win their own Judy's Carrot Recorder and Badge, Judy's Deluxe Police Vehicle and Officer Judy Hopps. To enter the giveaway please go to my Zootropolis Toy Bundle Giveaway Page.


  1. These look so cute! Cant wait to bring my kids to watch it during easter break!

    1. My boys really want to watch it, but the critics reviews are brilliant - it could be a future classic :D

  2. These look fantastic My nephews would love them


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