Monday 8 August 2016

Beets BLU Bluetooth Digital Bathroom Scale with Body Composition (Review)

Beets BLU are well known for their innovative gadgets which make use of Bluetooth connections to connect to your phone or tablet. We've previously reviewed a keyfob which alerts you to where you have left your keys, and we've now been sent their Digital Bathroom Scale with Body Composition to review.

Well packaged and with clear, simple instructions, it really is a complete doddle to set up. The quick-start basically involves downloading the app to your device, putting the batteries (included) into the scale, and stepping on.

This is a gorgeous scale which would look good in any bedroom or bathroom, and the metal sensors are large and easy to stand on. There are large rubber feet which are actually very thin, so the scale has to be used on a hard floor - but as we all know, this is where you get more accurate readings.

The app. is available for Android and IOS and on my Android phone couldn't be easier to use. It's very small and downloaded quickly, and is really easy for any novice to understand.

The Beets BLU scale tracks your body weight, body fat percentage, water level and muscle mass.

The data transfer was instant, and the lady on my phone immediately told me aloud my weight in pounds, and a chart appeared on my phone. It couldn't have been clearer. Possibly off-putting in company, you might want to turn down the volume on the app. if you are a bit secretive about your weight.

The data storage is unlimited, and as data is stored on your phone, for someone else to use the scale they simply have to stand on it, there's no messy or awkward changeover. Be aware average values and safe values depend on many factors, and obviously the scale gives a fair estimate, but is not a precise science. Any worries should be explored by your Doctor.

I was really intrigued by this scale, as I have lost almost 3 stone over the last 3 years, but my fitness level has plummeted with no time or energy to exercise, a damaged knee which needed operating on, and a massive hernia and major abdominal surgery. In fact what it told me straightaway was that I'm generally very dehydrated, so I've been able to address that immediately and have increased my water intake. This has given me more energy and reduced my headaches. It's a win.

I think this is a really useful scale for anyone wanting to keep an eye on their weight, and it's very helpful for people wishing to tone, or just understand their own body better. It really couldn't be easier to use.

The Beets BLU Bluetooth Digital Bathroom Scale with Body Composition has an rrp of £49.95 and is available now online. To find out more visit the Beets BLU website.

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