Tuesday 22 August 2017

36 Months #TBCSmiles August 2017

Last week I was super short of time as I only had a couple of days at home between our holiday and going to the Just So Festival for the weekend, so I didn't have chance to post the #TBCSmiles for August. It also didn't feel quite right and my children needed me, so instead I wrote a shorter post about how we are coping 3 years after losing Elspeth and promised I'd be back with your smiles - so here we are.

Firstly can I thank 2 good friends who posted special #TBCSmiles smileless photos...they are beautiful, truly so serene and peaceful. Thank you.

3 years is such a long time, yet never far behind us at all. You can read my 3 year post here if you wish. It is of course the reason why I collect my smiles, and why I ask you to share yours. Smiles are what keep us going - they're the reason we are here.

This month you shared some truly lovely photos, loads of big grins, birthdays and family reunions. Our shortlist was over 40, so we narrowed it down by choosing only closer shots and one favourite from each family. Sadly that only reduced it to 19, so I let my youngest child take over. It may explain why there are so many cool primary school aged boys among this month's 9 brightest smiles...

They are a delight. I can't even look at a couple of those without a big grin. It's nice to see so many adults in photos too - they don't have to be children's smiles - any smile is a good smile. These awesome smiles were provided by the following Instagrammers:

Anyone can join in - simply use the hashtag #TBCSmiles on a photo on Instagram. I share a handful every 15th of the month, except this month, but I explained that already.

If you can't see your smiles then please look again and keep watching, they can be sneaky, but they are always there...


  1. I love the smiles, especially your smiles and the sunflower photos are beautiful. Thank you for including one of my favourite pictures of me and the boy too. Here's to the next month of smiles xx

  2. Love these posts lots of love ❤🌻🌻🌻

  3. What a beautiful post and I love all the smiles. The sunflower pictures are a lovely way to remember your special girl. Thank you for including our smiles xx

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